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Lintberg € 100k+ positions

Lintberg € 100k+ positions website

Lintberg connects candidates to headhunters. We operate in the top of the market, offering services for positions starting at € 100.000.

The positions you will find at Lintberg are published by internationally renowned executive search firms, headhunters and corporate recruiters.

Lintberg for candidates and high potentials

You're looking for the next step in your career, but have difficulties finding it? Lintberg offers the largest selection of international € 100k+ positions and a direct link with the best headhunters in your industry.

With a free Lintberg Basic membership you are approachable by more than 200 headhunters and executive search firms. Access to your profile is reserved exclusively for headhunters and our own in-house recruitment consultants; direct employers are never given access to our candiate database. Your search for a new job is effective, yet discreet.

If you are actively looking for a new job, the Premium membership gives you access to all international € 100k+ jobs at Lintberg.

Lintberg for headhunters and executive search firms

Expand the reach of your own network and efficiently find & approach candidates in the top segment of the market. Lintberg's unique € 100k+ proposition gives you access to a large selection of candidates and gives you a closed platform to publish all your € 100k+ positions. We enlarge the exposure of your job by 10,000s candidates, while still maintaining the confidentiality of your client.

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Headhunters in Africa

Headhunters in Africa website gives you the best overview of headhunters with activities in Africa. This can include firms that work exclusively in Africa or a country in Africa, but also international firms with operations in the African continent. We list headhunters from South Africa to Egypt, from Senegal to Kenya and from Nigeria to Madagascar!

Furthermore, we provide valuable insight in what headhunter is best suited for your particular recruitment needs. Looking to hire an executive search firm? Let us help you find the right one!

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Headhunters in Belgium

Headhunters in Belgium website is part of the AllHeadhunters-network. Our websites offer a clear overview of headhunters and executive search firms in Belgium and abroad.

We know the players in the market and we use our knowledge to provide you with independent advice on the different approaches of headhunters and what executive search firm best fits your recruitment needs. We also offer solutions combining the efforts of several headhunters to find the candidate you need.

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Headhunters in France

Headhunters in France website

At we provide an overview of headhunters and executive search firms in France and abroad. Our expertise in the executive search industry and our connections to the most important headhunters are the solution to your recruitment needs. We can connect you to the best headhunter for the job opening you have, specialized in your industry or job field.

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Headhunters in Germany

Headhunters in Germany website is part of the AllHeadhunters-network. Our websites offer a clear overview of headhunters and executive search firms in Belgium and abroad. We are experts in the executive search industry and know all the relevant headhunters.

With our database, we can solve your recruitment problems by connecting you to the headhunter with expertise in your industry or job field. Through it's even possible to have more than one headhunter working for you to find the best candidate for your job.

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Headhunters in the Netherlands

Headhunters in the Netherlands website is part of Our websites offer a clear overview of headhunters and executive search firms in the Netherlands and abroad.

With our knowledge of the market and the parties involved, we can independently advise you on the approach of the different headhunters. This allows us to match the job you have to fill to the best headhunter with expertise in your industry or job field. Next to this advice, we offer solutions where the combined effort of multiple headhunters is used to reach out to the best candidate available.

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Headhunters in the United Kingdom

Headhunters in the United Kingdom website has been the most complete overview of headhunters in the British market since its conception. With mentions of executive search firms from Wales, Scotland, Great-Britain and Northern Ireland, provides the best offerings of UK search firms.

Can't figure out what headhunter to choose for your GBP 40,000+ job? helps you out with free and non-binding advice. Receive help right away!

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Amrop website

Amrop advises the world's most dynamic, agile organizations on identifying and positioning Leaders For What's Next - adept at working across borders, in markets around the world. With 84 offices in 57 countries, Amrop is one of the world's largest retained executive search partnerships. Amrop is a member of the World Economic Forum Community of Global Growth Companies.

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Cross International

Cross International website

Since its founding in 2001, CrossInternational has grown considerably and offers next to talent search – our core activity - also more and more HR expert services. This has broadened our scope; from having mainly search assignments in the ICT sector, we now conduct a wide range of HR assignments in various sectors such as energy, construction, manufacturing, engineering, telecom and automotive. The focus of our activities lies in the Benelux. Seeing as the number of assignments in Eastern Europe grew, we decided to open a CrossInternational office in Warsaw in 2006. The assignments for Western Europe, the Middle East and Asia are coordinated and implemented from our headquarters in Brussels. We also work with local partners in Moscow and Johannesburg to support several projects in the former Soviet Union and Africa.

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@100k+ Finance Jobs

@100k+ Finance Jobs website

Overview of € 100k+ jobs in Finance, powered by Lintberg

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@Lintberg € 100k+ jobs

@Lintberg € 100k+ jobs website

Overview of all jobs published at Lintberg € 100k+ positions, with jobs in Management, Finance, HR, Sales, Science, Healthcare, Legal and many more.

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@100k+ Healthcare Jobs

@100k+ Healthcare Jobs website

Overview of € 100k+ jobs in Healthcare, powered by Lintberg

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@100k+ HR Jobs

@100k+ HR Jobs website

Overview of € 100k+ jobs in Human Resources, powered by Lintberg.

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@100k+ Management Jobs

@100k+ Management Jobs website

Overview of € 100k+ jobs in Management, powered by Lintberg

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@100k+ Sales Jobs

@100k+ Sales Jobs website

Overview of € 100k+ jobs in Sales, powered by Lintberg

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Plimsoll Management Consultancy

Plimsoll Management Consultancy website

Plimsoll has a strong reputation as specialized consultants, providing expertise know-how in retained executive search, interim management, strategy and corporate finance to the international maritime and logistics industry.
Founded at Rotterdam in 1984 and present in China since 2006 we serve the Benelux, Greater China and Africa with own offices at Rotterdam, Brussels, Shanghai and Hong Kong.
Through our international partner network "Experts for Experts International" with 17 partners special-ized in the transportation and logistics industry, covering 23 countries on 3 continents, we serve the top of the international maritime and logistics community.
We feel equally familiar with the supply chain of production and trading companies, as with the different roles in the transportation industry; from road haulage and freight forwarding to container line operations, from bulk and project cargo shipping, chartering and shipbrokers to value added logistics service providers, from terminal operators to ship management.
Our maritime habitat however will show: Inspired by our name giver Samuel Plimsoll (1824–1898) we strive to serve the international maritime and logistics industry with a quality and result driven, incor-ruptible, although pragmatic approach.
Our goal is to provide you with lasting and beneficial solutions.

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AIMS International

AIMS International  website

Amongst the top 10 Executive Search firms in the world, AIMS International is spread across all continents with over 350 consultants in +50 countries.

The partners of well established firms in all mature and several emerging countries joined together to create a partnership dedicated to the highest quality standards for fully integrated services in Retained Executive Search and Talent Management everywhere the clients operate.

The power of AIMS International is the absolute accountability for achieving results. The clients benefit from a truly international approach irrespective of country borders. The Executive Board ensures that those quality standards are met in every destination. AIMS International’s global key account management system provides each client with the individualized service it requires.

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AltoPartners website

AltoPartners is an international alliance of independent executive search firms. Established in 2006 by a group of entrepreneurial companies, the alliance now spans 32 countries across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. 

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CFR Consulting Group

CFR Consulting Group website

CFR is a global Alliance of independent Executive Search companies, founded in 1997.

All of our consultancies are managed by business leaders with years of Executive Search experience. Furthermore they are staffed by Consultants, experts in their national markets, who share the core values of professionalism and commitment to their clients and candidates.

Assignments are typically defined in 1 country in order to be undertaken in another. This ensures Best Practice and a consistent approach.

Hiring decisions carry risk. However our proven methods enable us to eliminate this risk. As a result many of our clients come from recommendations and referrals. 

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ECI Group

ECI Group website

ECI Group is a Partnership of independent retained executive firms operating worldwide, founded in 1969.

Each independent company is a leader with a solid reputation in its domestic market. Our unique organizational model provides for a central coordination office that ensures information, best practices and quality levels are consistently deployed at an international level: both our Partners and our clients can rely on the same level of quality across the board.

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IIC Partners

IIC Partners website

IIC stands for 'Independent, International Consultants' and this is really what makes our organization so unique. Each of our independently owned and managed member firms is a clear leader in its local or national market and areas of sector specialism - Industrial, Financial Services, Consumer & Retail, Energy, Life Sciences, Technology, Board Search, Higher Education, Infrastructure and Human Resources.

Our independence empowers our member firms to be highly responsive and flexible in meeting - and exceeding - clients' needs. Through each firm's membership of IIC Partners, members gain unrivalled global reach and the opportunity to share best practice and the latest innovations in executive search and research with like-minded executive search leaders. This, in turn, allows IIC Partners' member firms to provide their clients with the best possible service - and results. 

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IIC Partners

IIC Partners website

With 47 offices in 34 countries, IIC Partners is one of the world's Top 10 executive search organizations. IIC stands for 'Independent, International Consultants' and this is really what makes our organization so unique. Each of our independently owned and managed member firms is a clear leader in its local or national market and areas of sector specialism - Industrial, Financial Services, Consumer & Retail, Energy, Life Sciences, Technology, Board Search, Higher Education, Infrastructure and Human Resources.

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IITP WorldWide Executive Search

IITP WorldWide Executive Search  website

ITP is a global partnership of leading executive search professionals dedicated to the high technology and venture capital markets.
We specialize exclusively in senior level retained searches such as Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Board Directors, General Managers and Vice-Presidents, partnering our clients in their quest to build strong leadership advantage in their competitive area.

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IMD International Search Group

IMD International Search Group website

Founded in 1972, IMD International Search Group is a Top 20 global search organization, with offices in major markets and business centers throughout the world, providing instant access to a world-class executive talent pool serving the global economy.

Operating through a matrix structure and organized by geographic and industry specialization, IMD International Search Group is ideally equipped to satisfy the talent acquisition requirements of those organizations seeking to acquire and retain high impact executives.

Our executive search professionals, many of whom held senior positions in the industry sectors they now serve, conduct more than 2.000 senior-level searches for clients worldwide each year.

Our clients, whether Fortune 50 or a small venture-backed start-up, whether global or local, all benefit greatly from this structure as we have access to the most relevant resources and relationships wherever they may exist. 

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INAC (International Network)

INAC (International Network) website

INAC is an international network of over 40 independent executive search firms who are exceptional at what they do. For over 20 years, our members have been fulfilling clients’ recruitment needs through unrivalled local expertise, global reach and highly personalized and professional support. All of our members share a dedication to delivering service excellence and developing long-term, strategic client partnerships.

Our member firms meet regularly to share their expertise, enhance best practices and collaborate closely to deliver successful searches. For new members, we conduct an exhaustive evaluation of the firm’s values, reputation and experience in their local markets to ensure search excellence the world over.

Our members work locally and globally, cooperating across borders with other member teams. The client’s lead INAC consultant is constantly and closely involved, carefully coordinating each retained search assignment 

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Intersearch Worldwide

Intersearch Worldwide website

InterSearch was established in 1989 with only 4 partners. Today, InterSearch operates in over 50 countries and 100 offices around the world. InterSearch prides itself on having the best local firms, as each member firm is carefully selected after a rigorous selection process. Each member firm is firmly established and has vast experience in its local market. 

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IRC Global Executive Search Partners

IRC Global Executive Search Partners website

IRC Global Executive Search Partners is a market leader in the global executive search industry with a track record of more than 25,000 completed assignments for 1,000+ clients in almost every conceivable industry segment and function. Our clients range from large multinationals to middle market companies that enjoy the advantage of working with leading local firms around the globe, providing them access to expert local market knowledge, the agility and commitment of owner operated firms and the global reach of a strong alliance. With a growing roster of leading executive search firms across Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia, IRC Global Executive Search Partners has more than 250 accomplished executive search professionals in 35+ countries, 70+ offices and 40+ member firms. Ranked as the world’s 10th largest retained search alliance, IRC Global Executive Search Partners has been providing consistent and high-performance executive search solutions to its clients for the past nineteen years.

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Management recruiters International

Management recruiters International website

Founded in 1965, MRINetwork has grown into one of the largest and most successful recruitment organizations in the world. With a full range of Permanent Placement options ranging from Retained or Contingency Search to Contract Staffing and Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions, MRINetwork gives you the flexibility you want at the pace you demand.

MRINetwork is comprised of more than 2,500 individual recruiters, across approximately 600 offices in 35 countries, who specialize in hundreds of industries, many of who came from the industries in which they now recruit. 

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NPA website

For more than 50 years, NPAworldwide has been connecting independent global recruiting firms to facilitate split placements. NPAworldwide is the oldest recruiting network of its kind, with an international membership of recruiting firms located throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas. 

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Penrhyn International

Penrhyn International website

Penrhyn International is a global partnership of premier retained executive search firms. Founded in 1979, Penrhyn’s key differentiator is that each and every Partner offers industry expertise, exceptional professional insight and overall quality in every aspect of our businesses.
With offices in over 20 cities, Penrhyn has member firms in Europe, North and South America, India, Australia and Japan. Our Practice Groups, managed across the Partners, include the major industries of the world 

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& Female Capital

& Female Capital website

& Female Capital is an executive search firm with an exclusive focus on the placement of female executives in senior management positions.

Every single search assignment is handled by both partners in the firm: a female former HR executive and a male psychologist. Through this approach we deliver maximum dedication as well as the added value of 2 visions and perspectives on organization and candidates.

Placed candidates receive a so-called transition coaching for the first period in their new assignment. This coaching will complement the successful placement and integration.

& Female Capital sincerely believes in the advantages and efficiency of mixed leadership in boards and management teams. In order to make this happen, we gladly offer our support in setting good intentions into action.

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Abilities International

Abilities International  website

Abilities International was established in 1986, the foundation and vision were created in USA, California by a group of Human Resource specialists, who worked professionally, within Human Resource Management and selection & search, while they were studying psychology, this group created the ideas to establish an advisory company within Human Resource Management based on psychology studies and work frames. Even today you need to be a psychologist to be a part of the team of advisors.

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Academic Search International

Academic Search International website

Since 1999, Academic Search International has led the way in executive search and recruitment services for the academic sector, working exclusively with universities, institutes and higher education providers.

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Accord Group ECE

Accord Group ECE website

Accord Group has developed a wide range of services to address clients’ needs and their strategic priorities in today’s business reality.

Our purpose is to assist our clients to achieve and maintain their competitive advantage.

Our vision is to partner up with our client to build world-class, high performing organizations, by providing innovative and effective executive search and leadership services. 

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Advantage Professional

Advantage Professional website

 Advantage is best known in Calgary for our stellar track record in the recruitment industry - with a retention record that is second to none! For senior roles in finance, legal, IT, and SCM, Advantage continues to surpass our clients expectations, and our testamonials show it over and over again.

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AIMS website

Among the Top 10 Executive Search firms worldwide during the last 5 consecutive years, AIMS International is spread across all continents with more than 90 offices in about 50 countries. With over 350 executive recruiting consultants, AIMS International provides a wide range of services, including global Executive Search and Talent Management services worldwide to a substantial and diversified client base. 

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Alac Executive Partners

Alac Executive Partners website

We are strategic thinkers and advisors and happen to be very good at finding, assessing and managing talent. AEP is a boutique executive search and HR consulting firm which has been named among the best in the region by those whom have experienced us. The company formed when the founder noticed the transactional and impersonal nature of many executive search companies in the region. We then came up with the idea of offering firms what they deserved - a service that puts their interests first and will absolutely not stop until an outstanding solution is delivered. When you work with us, therefore, you get a passionate and experienced team that listens to your ideas and goals. We then come up with ideas of our own, and ultimately a strategy that works. Our team then works very hard to deliver on our shared goal.

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Alanyali & Alanyali Human Resources Consultancy

Alanyali & Alanyali Human Resources Consultancy  website

Alanyali & Alanyali is regarded as one of the highest quality executive search and selection consultancy firms in Turkey.

Offering an integrated and strategic approach to a broad spectrum of executive recruitment assignments, from specialist to senior management; for diverse wholly owned subsidiaries of multinationals, joint venture operations, and Turkish companies. 

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Alexander Hughes

Alexander Hughes website

Alexander Hughes is a retained executive search firm placing main board directors, both executive & non-executive, executive committee members, functional heads and country managers. We offer a bespoke service with tried & trusted methodology that supports both client and candidate throughout the process. This quickly results in a manageable number of well-qualified candidates. We have offices in 45 countries so clients can brief us in the location most convenient to them for execution almost anywhere in the world. We operate in all commercial sectors as well as Not-for-Profit & Education

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Allemby Hunt

Allemby Hunt website

Allemby Hunt is an executive search and recruitment company specialising in financial markets with a concentrated focus in Asset Management, Banking, Corporate Governance, Private Wealth Management, Global Custody, Private Equity and Global Markets. We have offices in London, Edinburgh and The Middle East.

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Allen & Associates, Inc.

Allen & Associates, Inc. website

Established in 1976, Allen & Associates, Inc. is recognized within the personnel consulting community for introducing effective solutions in difficult assignments. Respected as a capable and aggressive representative providing full human resource services to it's clients. 

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Allen Austin Executive Search

Allen Austin Executive Search website

Allen Austin is in the business of creating and adding value. When delivering retained executive search, leadership advisory, board services, management recruiting or any of our other consulting offerings, our objective is to exceed your expectations. We are in the relationship business, not the transaction business, and want to leave you with something sustainable and lasting. We invite you to consider us a total resource, and a conduit to other resources through our vast network of clients, candidates and professional services firms. 

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Anderson & Associates

Anderson & Associates website

Anderson & Associates, Inc. is a leading national retained executive search firm specializing in senior management recruiting in healthcare, manufacturing, financial services and nonprofit industries.  

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Aretes Consultants

Aretes Consultants website

We specialize in development and recruitment of senior managers. What makes us unique is our long managerial experience and a true passion for leadership development. Positive Leadership is what we aim for in all of our services: executive search, executive coaching and leadership development programs.

We are the Polish members of Penrhyn International, one of the world leaders in the executive search, as well as a member of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), the most respected organisation that gathers professionals in this field. 

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Atkinson Stuart

Atkinson Stuart website

Atkinson Stuart headquartered in Switzerland and offices in Indochina is considered as a leading independent Executive Search Boutique and Organization Development Specialist. The group is ideally equipped to successfully tackle the most demanding projects. 

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Avery James Inc.

Avery James Inc. website

We are an executive search and educational advisory services firm committed to providing innovative solutions and excellent service, while leaving a positive impact on the community at large. 

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AxeHR  website

The key to our success is our consultative approach. Our search process is designed and conducted in line with the client’s Human Resources strategy and adapted to the company’s culture and environment. The recruitment solutions are always tailored to the particular needs of the client and combine classical recruitment methods with research techniques. We set up the detailed job and person specification and offer a structured in-depth analysis of the applicants by using psychometric testing.

Currently our Practice Teams focus on the following business sectors:

  • Industry
  • NTIC
  • Pharma & Science
  • Retail & FMCG
  • Automotive & Aerospace
  • Finance & Banking
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Luxury goods
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Battalia Winston International

Battalia Winston International website

Battalia Winston was founded in 1963, and today is one of the world’s largest woman-owned executive search firms. We have consistently been ranked as one of the top fifteen executive search firms by Kennedy Publications. Battalia Winston has offices in New York, NY; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Edison, NJ; Los Angeles, CA; and Washington, DC.

Over the past 50 years we have conducted executive search assignments and established expertise in virtually every major industry and functional area. Clients range from early stage companies to Fortune 10 global enterprises.

Each of Battalia Winston’s partners concentrates in an industry group reflecting his or her individual expertise. These practice groups include: Life Sciences; Healthcare Services; Technology; Media and Entertainment; Industrial Products; Professional Services; Financial Services; Consumer; Legal, Risk, Compliance, Family Business; Diversity & Inclusion; Retail; and Not-for-Profit. 

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Beirholm Search

Beirholm Search website

Beirholm Search has expanded to become one of Denmark’s leading executive search companies focused on the search for modern day managers, mid-level management and specialists within the medical, biotech and medicotech industries, wholesalers, health care companies and organizations. We have the possibility to Work Nordic as well.

We have an extensive knowledge of our focus industries and a detailed knowledge of organizations and job functions within our scope of business. These are the insights that allow us not only to find the right candidates for the company today but also to find the right candidates for the challenges tomorrow.

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Bishop Partners

Bishop Partners website

 Founded in 1988 by Susan Bishop, Bishop Partners began by providing executive media search consulting to the cable television, broadcasting, publishing and entertainment industries. As technology converged, the firm broadened its expertise to include telecommunications/wireless, and digital/internet/broadband technology. With over 20 years of executive search experience, our knowledge of these industries and the people who succeed in them allow us to bring an unparalleled consultative approach to every assignment.

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BJW/Signium International

BJW/Signium International website

BJW Signium International is opgericht in 1992. Ons kantoor maakt deel uit van Signium International, een internationaal netwerk van executive search bureaus met meer dan 43 vestigingen in 27 landen en met ruim 300 professionals.

BJW Signium International richt haar praktijk op de invulling van sleutel- en management posities. In het algemeen gaat het om die topfuncties (directies, senior management, raden van bestuur en commissarissen), die een cruciale rol vervullen binnen een organisatie of onderneming.

Kenmerkend voor ons bureau is de toewijding aan onze opdrachtgevers: hun belangen staan voorop. Onze consultants zijn professionele en ervaren gesprekspartners.
Sleutelwoorden zijn: deskundigheid, snelheid, enthousiasme en betrokkenheid.

Wij streven er naar om een vertrouwenspositie op te bouwen met onze cliënten. Veel van onze opdrachtgevers geven aan dat onze werkwijze onderscheidend is en zijn al jaren verbonden aan ons bureau. 

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Blair & Company

Blair & Company website

Blair Company helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies recruit the highly qualified senior R&D executives needed to implement major strategic initiatives and changes in regulatory requirements. 

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blueStone website

blueStone Recruiting is transforming the recruiting industry. Our objective is to be a trusted consultant for all of your professional recruiting and placement needs. We will surround you with meaningful attention and we create long-term relationships with our clients, candidates, and associates.

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Board Consultants International

Board Consultants International  website

Wir widmen uns ausschließlich den Beratungsfeldern Executive Search und Board Consulting.
Im Executive Search konzentrieren wir uns auf die Besetzung der ersten beiden Führungsebenen sowie die Suche nach ausgewählten Experten.
Im Board Consulting führen wir Effizienzprüfungen von Aufsichtsräten / Board Reviews durch und suchen Mitglieder für Aufsichtsgremien. In beiden Feldern gelten wir als Pioniere im deutschsprachigen Raum.
Seniorität und jahrzehntelange Erfahrung unserer Partner eröffnen uns persönlichen Zugang zu den Leistungsträgern der Wirtschaft.
Um höchste Qualität zu gewährleisten, betreuen ausschließlich wir als Partner unsere Klienten selbst.
Aus denselben Gründen begrenzen wir bewusst die Größe unseres Unternehmens.
International sind wir über „Excellence Connected“ mit herausragenden Unternehmen unserer Profession verbunden. 

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BoardWalk Consulting

BoardWalk Consulting website

BoardWalk Consulting is a national executive search firm that specializes in recruiting CEOs and senior leaders for nonprofits and foundations. We are seasoned practitioners who have served as nonprofit executives, grant makers and Board leaders for a wide variety of organizations. Nonprofit leadership is our passion and life’s work. 

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Borderless Executive Search

Borderless Executive Search website

ounded in 2000, Borderless is a retainer-based, direct search firm and leadership consultancy, specializing in four B2B sectors – process & converting industries, life sciences, food processing, and oil & gas.

Borderless consultants have each held senior leadership roles in multinational organizations within one or more of the sectors we serve. Working with clients worldwide, they operate from bases in Belgium, France, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, United States and United Arab Emirates. Our consultants are supported by a first-rate research team at our center in Chennai, India. 

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Boyden Global Executive Search

Boyden Global Executive Search website

More Than 70 Offices. Over 250 Professionals. Worldwide Access.

We make sure our clients hire the right people because we are there to capture opportunity in every market. With more than 250 associates, our extensive global coverage means that we move fast, evaluating candidates through a local market, niche sector and globally competitive lens.

Every office in our organization has responsibility and accountability for delivering on client needs.We are neither centrally-driven nor publicly-owned: our decentralised structure enables our associates to focus purely on their clients, engaging with them through different cultural protocols, whilst drawing on the resources of our global enterprise.

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BridgeSpan Executive Search

BridgeSpan Executive Search website

The Bridgespan Group is a nonprofit advisor and resource for mission-driven organizations and philanthropists. We collaborate with social sector leaders to help scale impact, build leadership, advance philanthropic effectiveness and accelerate learning.

We work on issues related to society’s most important challenges and breaking cycles of intergenerational poverty. Our services include strategy consulting, leadership development, philanthropy advising, and developing and sharing practical insights. 

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Brigham Hill Consultancy

Brigham Hill Consultancy website

Brigham Hill Consultancy provides retained executive search and related management consulting services to not-for-profit organizations.

By combining the rigorous search protocols of the business world with a sensitivity to the unique mission of not-for-profits, we help our clients secure quality leadership for their organizations as they undergo growth and change.  

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Cambridge Management Planning

Cambridge Management Planning website

Cambridge is a privately owned, Canadian Retained Executive Search firm.

Located in Toronto, Cambridge Management Planning has been providing executive search and human resources consulting across Canada and internationally since 1976. We take the time to understand each client's strategic direction to provide informed, objective assistance that fits the character and goals of the organization.

Working in partnership with our clients, we add value, achieve performance improvement objectives and improve profitability.

Cambridge's full suite of services includes Executive Search, Board Search, Interim Management, Career Transition and Executive Coaching.

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Capstone Partnership

Capstone Partnership website

Capstone’s mission is to build long-term client relationships by delivering the differentiating talent necessary to gain a competitive edge in today’s market.

Capstone has changed the nature of its Search Practice to respond to our clients’ increased demands for leadership development and succession planning. Our search process now combines the best executive search practices with management and leadership development programs. Our experts in Succession Planning and Talent Acquisition also help HR executives challenge the norm and “up their talent game” through our HR Talent Management Advisory Practice.

Working discreetly and with the highest standards of integrity, our team has completed hundreds of assignments. We employ a rigorous, disciplined process to identify, recruit and assess exceptional candidates who are capable of providing business solutions for our clients.

With many years of experience, our Partners and other team members are able to offer insight into the markets they serve. As a result of our specialized expertise, our clients depend on us to understand their industry and the issues they face. Capstone’s commitment is to deliver the highest quality service on every assignment with an emphasis on timely completion.

The Capstone Partnership is a member of Amrop, a worldwide executive search partnership, operating out of 85 offices in 56 countries. 

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CareerSmith website

Over the years, CareerSMITH has earned the respect, loyalty, and trust of our clients. CareerSMITH is large enough to have the breadth of experience and depth in resources, yet small enough to have very few conflicts. No other retained executive search firm has comparable search experience and contacts in the Engineering, Construction, and Energy industries. This benefits you, our valued client, because CareerSMITH knows exactly where to find, and has access to, the most qualified candidates - candidates who have a demonstrated track record of success, and who generally are not actively seeking a career move. We execute searches with speed and confidentiality, and stay in communication with our clients and our candidates throughout the process and beyond.

Our committed client relationships enable us to gain a thorough understanding of our clients' culture and business. This understanding results in the placement of candidates who can easily assimilate into the new culture and environment. Clients who have worked with us on three or more assignments in the last eighteen months account for 70% of our business. Since Brian Smith founded the company in 1997, CareerSMITH has demonstrated a relentless commitment to quality, resulting in satisfied and loyal clients. 

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Carmicheal Fisher

Carmicheal Fisher website

Carmichael Fisher is an International Executive Search firm which was established in 2001. The business focuses on senior level recruitment across industry sectors with a particular focus on Financial Services, Legal & Professional Services, Industry/Manufacturing, Energy, Construction/Engineering, Transport/Infrastructure and Media/Consumer. In functional terms, aside from recruiting at Chief Executive, Managing Director and General Management level, the main functions of specialisation include Sales and Marketing, Legal, Finance, Human Resources (HR) and IT. Our primary aim is to build and maintain long-term client relationships built on honesty, integrity and understanding.

Carmichael Fisher's offices are in London, Hamburg, Dubai, Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne.

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Carrington & Carrington, Ltd.

Carrington & Carrington, Ltd. website

Willie Carrington began the search practice in 1979 and was joined by Marian H. Carrington in 1991 as a Principal and Co-Owner. Since then, they have together guided Carrington & Carrington, Ltd. through challenging economic periods to remain one of the leading African-American owned executive search firms in the country. Headquartered in Chicago, with offices in Washington, DC and Memphis, TN, the firm’s impressive national client list consists primarily of Fortune 500 companies and nationally recognized not-for-profits.
The firm places candidates in middle management and senior-level executive positions across various industries and all functional areas. Throughout its history, Carrington & Carrington, Ltd. has stayed true to its original mission of knowing and sourcing diverse talent for major companies and has become strong specialists in this area.

“Strength through Diversity and Inclusion,” reflects our belief that in order to remain competitive, companies must attract top diverse talent for the management pipeline and executive-level positions. 

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Ccentric Group (Healthcare)

Ccentric Group (Healthcare) website

Our expertise in health, life sciences and academia, unparalleled global industry knowledge base, established networks and comprehensive executive search approach are just some of the key factors enabling Ccentric Group to make a real difference to our customers, both candidates and employers. 

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Chadick Ellig(New York)

Chadick Ellig(New York) website

Chadick Ellig is a premier retained executive search firm based in New York City. Our mission has been to build partnerships for the long term success of our clients providing outstanding attention, accessibility, and advice. Founded in 1977, we are proud of our stellar reputation for client satisfaction, candidate retention and diversity placements.

We believe that each assignment is critical, each client is valuable, and each candidate is unique. As a result, we are passionate client advocates, committed to helping both our clients and candidates achieve success.

Chadick Ellig is retained for positions from CEO/President/Board Director to line management and functional roles. We conduct searches in general management, human resources, marketing, sales, finance, risk management, and other functions. Clients range in size from Fortune 500 corporations to mid-cap and private equity-backed companies, diversified financial services, consumer services, and business services. Chadick Ellig has a formidable track record of attracting women and minority executives to the executive suite as well as placing them on Boards.

Chadick Ellig is a certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBENC), and the only New York member firm of IIC Partners, a worldwide affiliation of independently owned and operated retained search firms. 

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CHM Partners International, LLC

CHM Partners International, LLC website

For over 36 years, CHM Partners has been a global provider of executive search, leadership advisory and executive coaching services. Our long tenure as an organization is testament to the value of our work. 

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Coleman Lew & Associates, Inc.

Coleman Lew & Associates, Inc. website

Coleman Lew + Associates, Inc., founded in 1979 in Charlotte, NC, recruits board members and senior level executives for companies worldwide. We conduct searches for a wide range of public, private, and international companies; academic institutions; non-profit organizations; and government agencies .
By design, we are a generalist search firm, and we limit the number of clients in any one industry. Through careful selection, we preserve our ability to search without restriction. Our strategy allows our clients to reach executives who might be unavailable to larger or more specialized search firms. We find the best possible candidates for each client's needs. 

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Columbia Consulting Group, Inc.

Columbia Consulting Group, Inc. website

Columbia Consulting Group has nearly 30 years experience finding the qualified executives to seize the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow. We bring to the search process the same sense of urgency which our clients possess in meeting their business objectives.

Our style is to take a highly consultative approach, to look for opportunities to add value well beyond the baseline requirement, and to conduct superior search work. We prefer to work with relatively few, but loyal, clients with whom we can develop collaborative and on-going relationships. We believe that successful search results from a partnership between the client and consultant.

We come from diverse and complimentary backgrounds, and we work together internally to develop the most effective solutions to client needs. Our clients view our breadth of backgrounds as an advantage. Three quarters of our annual business is repeat business—a reflection of the success of our past recruiting efforts for our clients. 

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Conway & Greenwood Inc.

Conway & Greenwood Inc. website

onway & Greenwood is a national executive search firm specializing in the management of retained search assignments for the purpose of recruiting senior level executives.

Our partners have a combined expertise in the human capital industry of more than 50 years. We have developed successful, long-term relationships with many of the nation's leading companies, covering a wide range of industries.

Conway & Greenwood employs this expertise and philosophy of partnership with our clients in every search that we manage. We take pride in the placements completed and in the relationships formed, and providing the most professional executive search service in the industry. 

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Cordiner King

Cordiner King website

With over 25 years of outstanding search success, our partners are industry insiders with either executive or high-level management experience. We have built our reputation by playing a dynamic, effective part in the strategic management of human resources at the highest level. We excel in providing expert advice to boards and chief executives on the appointment of CEOs, their direct reports and non-executive directors.

As a member of the global search network Panorama, we have global reach and access to the most dynamic leaders. Our deep understanding of local markets and our ability to leverage the expertise of our partner firms around the world result in outstanding global coverage.

We have uncompromising service standards based on accountability, involvement of our most suitable and experienced partners, rigorous assessment and selection, due diligence and enthusiasm. Our value is underpinned by our research-driven approach, our intellectual capital and the knowledge and experience of our partners, consultants and staff.

We forge genuine partnerships with our clients, focusing on quality and outcomes. Attention to detail and building solid professional relationships built on trust and understanding are our strengths.

Our clients range from ASX top 200 companies through to the private and public sectors. We focus on education, health, mid caps and the public sector however we also work in other areas, with a particular strength in professional services and industry associations. 

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Corgo Executive Partners

Corgo Executive Partners website

Corgo Executive Partners, designing solutions for a perfect link between board and management. Corgo offers advice and solutions in the fields of Executive Search, Board Search, Executive Coaching, Evaluation & Remuneration. We help you to tackle strategic HR issues and to implement efficient and transparent corporate governance.

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Crowe-Innes & Associates

Crowe-Innes & Associates website

t Crowe-Innes & Associates, we specialize in senior-level executive searches on a national and global basis, with clients ranging in size from newly emerging growth companies to Fortune 100 companies. Our practice encompasses a wide range of industries and functional disciplines with a significant emphasis in consumer products, retail and apparel, technology, financial services and nonprofits.

We are proud to have reached our 15th Anniversary in business this year. Our team of highly strategic, results-driven professionals brings a range of diverse backgrounds to your search. You’ll experience the difference as we work to understand your unique needs and then use a collaborative, comprehensive approach to identify and recruit the best available talent, with minimal off-limits conflicts. As a result, we have built an outstanding reputation for attracting and hiring diverse candidates to the executive suite, and building high-performing teams. 

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Crown & Marks

Crown & Marks website

Crown & Marks is Australia’s leading specialist Executive Search and Leadership Development firm. We have an outstanding reputation for our unparalleled knowledge of our core markets:

Industrial, Resources and Infrastructure
Banking and Financial Services
Higher Education
Professional Services
Health and Life Sciences

Established in 2001 Crown & Marks operates nationally and internationally, providing our clients with global search capability through our membership of Signium International, which has 40 offices serving 26 countries.

In keeping with our values, we invest in building and maintaining successful long-term client and candidate relationships and 60% of our business flows from repeat assignments for our established clients. We are known for our delivery of exemplary service, market insight and confidentiality.

We manage assignments in a timely and efficient manner and have a track record of successful appointments through our understanding of our clients’ culture, talent strategies and leadership needs.  

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CSI Executive Search

CSI Executive Search website

CSI Executive Search provides professional and executive level oil and gas recruiting solutions nationwide. Our recruiters have over four decades of combined O&G recruiting experience, providing operational and technical recruiting solutions for the most demanding search assignments.

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Curran Partners, Inc

Curran Partners, Inc website

A retained executive search firm, we have been recruiting exceptional candidates to build exceptional companies since 1989. We are guided by a firm belief that human capital is a key strategic element that provides competitive advantage. Our purpose is to identify, actively pursue and recruit such talent for our clients.
During over twenty years of experience we have successfully recruited in a broad range of professional sectors and functional disciplines. Our valued clients are in consumer and industrial products, healthcare and life sciences, business-to-business services, and many other areas. Our clients include public and private U.S. organizations and, to a significant extent, foreign entities establishing or enhancing their U.S. based operations.
More than 90% repeat business proves how our method and values can successfully meet the demands of our clients.

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D.A. Kreuter Associates Inc

D.A. Kreuter Associates Inc  website

Founded in 1979, DAK Associates is a “Top 100” retained executive search and consulting firm that exclusively serves the Financial Services community. Clients include Asset Managers (bulge-bracket & boutique), Wealth Managers, Broker-Dealers, Insurance Companies, Banks, and ancillary products and service providers in securing best-in-class professionals spanning institutional and intermediary sales, marketing, operations, investment management, and C-suite. Additionally the firm has built a cutting-edge capability in Diversity recruiting, Candidate Mapping, and Board recruiting. 

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Daubenspeck and Associates, Ltd.

Daubenspeck and Associates, Ltd. website

Daubenspeck and Associates provides executive search services to clients on a regional, national, and international level by identifying, attracting, and assessing world-class talent. We adhere to our fundamental principles, blending the personal touch clients expect of a boutique, with the resources and capacity expected of a large international search firm.

Daubenspeck & Associates is recognized for unrivaled commitment to our clients, and the depths we go to understand, serve and satisfy a client’s search needs. While the executive search industry standard is a two-thirds completion rate, we complete every assignment for which we are retained and have a 96 percent two-year candidate retention rate. We do not measure our success by these numbers and percentages, however, but rather by the people element; that is, the impact the hired candidates have on our clients’ organizations, and their ability to execute in the roles for which they were recruited. By striving to deeply understand our clients’ cultures, and equally striving to understand the personality, values, and interpersonal style of the individuals we recruit, the chances those individuals will not only survive, but thrive and contribute to our clients’ organizations increases exponentially.

Daubenspeck and Associates was created in 1982 by Ken Daubenspeck. Ken was a pioneer in bringing the discipline of retained executive search and the recruitment of the Chief Information Officer into the field of Information Technology in the 1980s. Today, the firm supports several industries including financial services, energy, manufacturing, higher education, and professional services, and functions such as finance and accounting, operations, human resources, and information technology among others.  

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DavenportMajor Executive Search

DavenportMajor Executive Search website

Building successful companies is not easy but those who do understand the most critical first steps. DavenportMajor is a retained executive search firm and AESC Member which partners closely with our clients every day in taking these steps. Our firm was founded by Stacey Davenport and Susan Major, two global practice leaders in Life Sciences/Healthcare and Technology from AT Kearney Executive Search, who passionately believe that the highest quality search work comes from engaging closely with our clients to understand their needs, never leave a stone unturned and never settle in finding the best talent in the marketplace. We specialize in Senior Executive and Board Director recruitment for Life Sciences, Healthcare and Wireless Healthcare, Technology and Consumer Product sectors. Each Partner in the firm brings decades of operating experience in their respective sector and importantly, we bring a worldwide rolodex of "A player" candidates to the table. Representative clients in the firm include respected Fortune 500 global organizations as well as top tier Venture Capital and Private Equity funded emerging growth clients. 

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Davies Park

Davies Park website

Since 1989, Davies Park has successfully completed over 2,500 assignments for public, private, and not-for-profit clients. Our assignments have included searches for CEOs, presidents, senior executives and managers and senior professionals, as well as Board of Director appointees in a broad range of industries and sectors. As Executive Search specialists we have helped leading organizations develop their leadership talentSpecialists in retained executive search

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Day & Associates

Day & Associates website

For more than 15 years, Day & Associates, with headquarters in San Francisco’s Bay Area, has been retained as a trusted advisor by dozens of healthcare companies – and by the investment community that serves them—to identify, assess, and recruit top-performing senior executive talent and to fill board vacancies.

Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to start-up ventures; our assignments cover the full-range of senior management and board functions.

Our business model, based on intimate knowledge of and contact with each of our clients, has led to an above-industry annual growth rate, averaging over 28 percent in the past two years. Ninety percent of our business comes from current clients and client referrals. 

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DCO Consulting

DCO Consulting website

DCO CONSULTING has specialised in international Executive Recruitment as well as international Executive Search and Selection ("Headhunting") in Europe, North America and Asia.This international specialisation and expertise will guarantee our client an excellent cross-border solution of staffing related needs by the application of trendsetting methods and techniques and by optimally taking into account different cultures, mentalities and languages, predominantly in the following countries (in alphabetical order): Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Sweden,Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States.

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De Jager & Associates

De Jager & Associates website

For more than 20 years clients throughout Australia and Asia-Pacific have retained de JAGER Executive Search to identify ‘c-level’ and senior executive talent. From that Australian foundation, we are now a source for a wide range of leadership consulting services. Our size, local knowledge, global alliances and industry expertise allow us to provide a uniquely personalised service. 

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Delectus (Sweden)

Delectus (Sweden) website

Since 1986, Amrop Delectus has contributed to clients' success with qualified executive search and extensive management audit, in Sweden as well as internationally. Amrop Delectus has always had in-house psychology expertise in combination with partners with international industrial backgrounds in line functions. This unique combination enables us to add professional value to the business of clients globally.

The Malmo office consists of 4 partners/consultants and 3 researchers, participating in Amrop's global Automotive and Industrial, Technology and Media, Finance, FMCG and Management Audit practice groups.

Amrop Delectus is a part of Amrop, a Context Driven Global Executive Search network. We help our clients build their businesses by identifying leaders adept at working across borders, in markets around the world.

We are united by our Context Driven approach to executive search, encompassing shared values, standards, policies and procedures while reflecting the unique 'on the ground' realities in local markets around the world. With broader coverage than other global search organizations, our people know their markets because they’ve built their businesses in them.

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Delta Management Consultants GmbH

Delta Management Consultants GmbH website

Delta Management Consultants GmbH, now branded Amrop Delta, is one of the largest independent and entrepreneurial executive search companies in Germany. 

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Development Resources Inc.

Development Resources Inc. website

DRi’s corporate culture and continuum of services are entirely driven by the needs and ethics of the non-profit community. Having led complex non-profit enterprises, we understand the non-profit sector from the top to the bottom, and from the inside and out.

Jennifer Dunlap, President and CEO, and Nancy Racette, Chief Operating Officer, founded DRi in 2001. Each brings over 25 years of hands on experience at such organizations as the American Red Cross, CARE, the United Way, the Easter Seal Society and the Girl Scouts.

DRi guarantees that each client will receive the personal attention and support specific to their needs. Our knowledge of the philanthropic environment, as well as our experience, approach, process and national and international networks, makes us uniquely qualified to help you achieve your goals. 

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DHR International

DHR International website

Established in 1989, DHR International is one of the largest retained executive search firms in the world, with more than 50 offices around the globe. We conduct search assignments at the board of directors, C-level and functional vice president levels. DHR's renowned consultants specialize in all industries and functions in order to provide unparalleled senior-level executive search, management assessment and succession planning services tailored to the unique qualities and specifications of our select client base.

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Diversified Search Odgers Berndtson

Diversified Search Odgers Berndtson website

Diversified Search is one of the top ten executive search firms in the United States. With experienced consultants, a proven track record and global reach, we are uniquely qualified to give your organization the leaders necessary to meet the challenges in your ever-changing market.

For over 40 years, Diversified Search has been identifying and assessing outstanding executives and placing them in senior leadership and board roles across a broad range of industries.

We approach search differently than others. Throughout our history, we have always sought leaders that not only have strong character and credentials, but also those with different perspectives and views. We use the power of this perspective to help guide your company beyond the expected.

In fact, when you work with us, you can be assured that we will uncover high-potential standout candidates with fresh views. Because the opportunity for greatness is often found in unexpected places. 

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division one GmbH

division one GmbH website

Wir finden, selektieren und vermitteln für unsere Auftraggeber nationale und internationale Führungspersönlichkeiten im mittleren Management und der Unternehmensführung. Hierbei bieten wir sowohl die Rekrutierung von Managern in Festanstellung (Executive Search) als auch die Besetzung von projektbezogenen Führungskräften (Interim Management)an. Mittels CORE (Comparing & Rating Expertise), einem hochpräzisen und -dynamischen Aufnahme-, Bewertungs- und Rating-Verfahren in Kombination mit der Expertise unserer erfahrenen Berater, definieren wir Ihre Ansprüche neu.

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Dowd Associates

Dowd Associates website

Dowd Associates is a Boutique and unique executive search firm specializing in the recruitment of senior level financial professionals.

The firm is Boutique in that its experienced professionals offer highly personalized service in their efforts to meet and exceed clients’ expectations. Dowd Associates’ professionals are unique in their extraordinary accessibility, nimbleness and results in meeting business objectives within a rapidly changing business environment.

If every firm's most valuable asset is its people - and it is - then an executive search firm becomes invaluable when it delivers superior results in its research and recruitment of the best and brightest candidates for clients. Senior executives place an indelible stamp on a company's values and help direct its growth. Successful searches, then, are crucial to companies and their investors. Dowd Associates has built a reputation on identifying executives who are not only outstanding, but whose values fit snuggly within a client's corporate culture.

An executive search firm's success depends not only on its state-of-the-art research tools and technologies, though these are important, but also on its relationships nurtured over time with clients and candidates alike. 

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Dr Krüger Executives

Dr Krüger Executives website

In Search of Excellence! Unser Motto, das uns anspornt und das zugleich unseren Anspruch darstellt. Professional Headhunting - für Ihren Erfolg!

Wir sind eines der führenden Top Executive Search Unternehmen in Deutschland mit Sitz in NRW und arbeiten europaweit.

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Dr. Besmer Consulting

Dr. Besmer Consulting website

n Executive Search it is the search professional that counts. Dr. Besmer has been a dedicated search consultants with of more than 35 years experience.

The best professionals make career mores only when they can see their horizons extended, their potential to contribute enhanced. This is when professional counsel is critical. And the experience of the search consultant makes the difference.

Dr. Besmer Consulting AG, based in Zürich, has been a market leader in insurance, reinsurance and banking for the last two decades. Most searches while Swiss based have been cross-border in scope.

Until most recently, Dr. Besmer Consulting has been a long standing member of Amrop International, a leading global Executive Search network.

Dr. Besmer’s current work are special mandates of a personal nature like small family or venture capital businesses with critical problems. 

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Dr. Bjorn Johansson Associates

Dr. Bjorn Johansson Associates website

For over 20 years, Dr. Bjørn Johansson Associates has successfully been consulting select top-tier corporations and institutions on Non-Executive as well as on Executive Board searches globally.

We work for a wide range of companies, from multinational corporations to local niche players, including family businesses, private equity investors, start-up companies and non-profit organizations. We consciously avoid specialization in any particular field of industry, thereby retaining a broad focus that allows us to foster a culture of non-conformist creativity.

When starting a search assignment, we invest a high amount of time and resources in developing a comprehensive knowledge base covering the needs, culture and objectives of our clients. Our clients appreciate the sensitivity and proven ability to rapidly identify and accurately assess candidate potential. Individual service, high quality solutions and close, continuous cooperation constitute our mission to meet and exceed the expectation of our clients.  

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Dr. Kaufmann & Partner

Dr. Kaufmann & Partner website

Amrop is a worldwide Context Driven Executive Search Organisation. With 89 offices in 57 countries, we know global markets like locals, so we can help you find leaders adept at working across borders, in markets around the world. 

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DRi Consulting

DRi Consulting website

DRi's executive search practice focuses solely on the non-profit sector and we specialize in finding candidates who have strength in executive leadership and resource generation. DRi offers a critical and objective voice in the hiring process. Together with clients, we make informed decisions based on your program and organizational needs. We bring a disciplined approach that begins with clarity, brings creativity and tenacity, and ends with finding the right person for your organization.

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DS & Associates

DS & Associates website

D.S. Allen Associates is an executive search firm specializing in the recruitment and selection of executive level professionals nationally and internationally 

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Dunleavy White

Dunleavy White website

Senior level international executive search for the aviation, travel and leisure sectors. Offices in London, Dubai and Bangkok managing mandates for all senior level executive and operational functions. Over 25 years experience in serving our sectors.

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Ebbinge & Company

Ebbinge & Company website

Search, Advies & Interim. Dat is de kern van ons werk. Wij adviseren ondernemende organisaties bij de vertaling van hun strategie naar mensen en teams. In het bedrijfsleven en de publieke sector. Het is onze stellige mening dat mensen en teams het toekomstig succes van een organisatie bepalen. Wij helpen deze succesfactoren te verbeteren. 

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Egon Zehnder International

Egon Zehnder International website

Today we are trusted advisor to many of the world’s most respected organizations and a leading Executive Search firm, with more than 420 consultants and 68 offices in 41 countries spanning Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa. Our clients range from the largest corporations to emerging growth companies, government and regulatory bodies, and major educational and cultural institutions. We work at the highest levels of leadership to create tangible and enduring business impact. Our core services include Executive Search, Board Consulting, and Leadership Strategy Services. 

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Eileen Finn & Associates

Eileen Finn & Associates website

 Eileen Finn & Associates is a retained search firm specializing in the placement of senior-level human resources and corporate office executives. Our clients range across diverse industries and include Fortune 500 corporations, mid-sized companies and
innovative founder-led startups.

We work with our clients as their strategic partner and change agent, identifying top executives who deliver enhanced performance and increased profitability. We know what it takes for a leader to meet the complex challenges of business today - and we share your sense of urgency in finding the right solutions for your organization, quickly and efficiently.

Through our extensive network and our disciplined search approach, we identify the winning candidate who will fit your culture, support your vision and goals and have an immediate impact on the success of your business.

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Ellis & Partners

Ellis & Partners website

Ellis & Partners is a growing executive search firm based in Madrid and Barcelona that focuses exclusively on retained executive search. Its practice sectors are Life Sciences/Health Care and Institutional/Corporate Relations, Industrial Products, Energy-Utilities, IT, the Automotive Industry, Luxury Goods, Fashion and Media. 

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EMA Partners International

EMA Partners International website

For 25 years, EMA Partners International has partnered with multinational corporations, governments and not-for-profit organizations across a variety of industry sectors and functional areas. We have built an expanding global partnership of executive search professionals, and we are one of the largest executive search firms in the world. EMA Partners has more than 40 offices on six continents, and are dedicated to satisfying the senior executive search and talent management needs of their clients. 

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Epsen Fuller

Epsen Fuller website

A global retained executive search firm, distinguished by an unwavering commitment to the goals of our clients and a true entrepreneurial spirit in delivering highly personalized executive acquisition advisory services 

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Equinox Partners (Real Estate)

Equinox Partners (Real Estate) website

Equinox Search is a retained executive search firm addressing the professional-level recruiting needs of public and private firms seeking real estate expertise. 

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Eric Salmon & Partners

Eric Salmon & Partners website

Today, more than ever, the strength and continuity of any business lies in the quality of the women and the men within it, in their personal motivation and the loyalty they have to their company. In this respect, Eric Salmon & Partners provides efficient support to help companies to detect, attract and retain successful executives.
Over the years, we have enriched the spectrum of our assignments in terms of the services we offer and our geographical coverage. Beginning from an essentially European base, and with our newest development in Asia, Eric Salmon & Partners can and does manage diverse missions globally. Some of the most prestigious European searches of the past few years have carried the discrete signature of Eric Salmon & Partners. 

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EuroGalenus website

Founded in 1992, EuroGalenus is an International executive search firm specialized in the search and selection of board and senior level executives.

EuroGalenus is member of AIMS International, one of the largest international networks in the sector. Our team of Partners and Consultants covers the main sectors in Spain and other countries, in Europe as in America and Asia.

A differential characteristic of our firm is the direct involvement of a partner in each search. After more than twenty years in the profession, we have accumulated notable experience in cross-border projects in sectors related to Consultancy, Biosciences, Healthcare, Professional Services, Renewable Energies and some others. 

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Euromedica Group

Euromedica Group website

We are specialist executive search consultants dedicated to the life science industry. Since 1987, we have found outstanding leaders to fill board, executive committee and senior management positions across the world. 

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EWK International

EWK International  website

At EWK International we understand how the quality of leadership can make the essential difference to an organisation’s accomplishments and success

We help clients internationally appoint and develop the best leadership teams possible. We go beyond executive search to assess, benchmark, guide and develop individual and team leadership capabilities.

By drawing on the skills and business leadership experience of our international advisory team, we help clients around the world optimise their leadership performance and impact.

Our team works with multinationals, the public sector, entrepreneurial businesses, family owned companies, private equity firms and community organisations domestically and internationally 

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Executive Source Partners (Canada)

Executive Source Partners (Canada) website

David Aplin Group was established in 1975 and today is one of Canada’s largest and most accomplished recruiting firms and one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. Its Aplin Executive division provides service to leading businesses and government organizations across Canada.
In 2012, David Aplin Group’s Aplin Executive merged with Executive Source Partners, the largest and only search firm headquartered in Saskatchewan. Prior to merging with Aplin Executive, Executive Source Partners celebrated 15 years of service to leading businesses and government organizations in Western Canada. 

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Executives Online

Executives Online website

Executives Online deploys a unique blend of technology and hands-on high touch service internationally to deliver the best person for any executive management role.

Our executive recruitment service delivers senior directors and managers (£60k-£200k pa) – selected for their specific experience and skills, in virtually every functional and professional discipline. Most importantly, we’re not a job board – behind our online presence is a full-service, executive recruitment operation that delivers results. Unlike traditional executive search firms we charge only a modest engagement fee and the balance on success because we know we will deliver for you. Our directors are experienced business people and recruiters, they know what it is like to be under pressure in a commercial environment, so they know where and how to help you.

At the heart of our interim management service is our global talent bank of over 100,000 candidates, these individuals represent a diverse and highly experienced resource for companies facing an urgent need for talent. Our aim is to deliver highly qualified, highly relevant individuals that are known to us with a proven and demonstrable track record of delivering results in demanding situations. Just what you need, just when you need it.

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FESA Global Recruiters

FESA Global Recruiters website

For Fesa each project is unique, only a profound knowledge of the business, involvement and commitment, allows us to help our clients to meet their goals. Our services benefit from years of experience in Brazil. We deliver effective, innovative and customized solutions in executive search services.

Candidate’s corner - The leading Brazilian executive search company in the industry and we strive to find the right executive for the right companies. 

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Fish & Nankivell Ogilvie Watson

Fish & Nankivell Ogilvie Watson  website

Fish & Nankivell Ogilvie Watson is a pre-eminent Australian owned executive recruitment firm providing executive search and advertised recruitment services through two brands – Fish & Nankivell and Ogilvie Watson.

The firm is 100% owned by the Principals. This gives us a vested interest in building a sustainable business through client satisfaction. All initial contact with potential candidates and sources is conducted by a Principal, unlike most other recruitment firms where this critically important work is delegated to junior employees. From our base at 1 Collins Street, Melbourne, we carry out assignments across Australia.

Fish & Nankivell is the oldest locally-owned executive search firm in Australia, having been founded in 1984.

Ogilvie Watson was established in 1995 and continues to provide a high quality vehicle for conducting mid-level to senior advertised executive recruitment. 

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Foster Partners Asia Pacific

Foster Partners Asia Pacific website

oster Partners was established as the successor to KPMG Peat Marwick’s U.S. Executive Search practice. KPMG Peat Marwick began offering executive search services in 1962 and developed over the course of 27 years to be the largest of the public accounting executive search practices.

In 1989, KPMG Peat Marwick LLP in the interest of client independence, elected to divest the firm’s executive search practice to a buy-out group led by Dwight E. Foster, partner-in-charge of the KPMG U.S. Executive Search practice. On January 2nd, 1990, Foster Partners officially began operations.

In order to further develop and manage its business in Asia, Foster Partners moved their Global Headquarters to Hong Kong in 1999 and subsequently to Shanghai in 2001.

Foster Partners is China’s leading, independently owned, boutique, Executive Search firm with a heritage spanning more than 50 years worldwide and over 20 years experience directly in China dealing with corporations ranging from small-niche Companies to world leading Western and Chinese Fortune 500 Companies. More than 20 years after its inception, Foster Partners continues to successfully, and consistently, perform senior leadership searches for our clients in specific industry segments worldwide.

We are more than just an extension of your recruitment effort. We are a strategic partner working with you to closely align your key leadership with your business strategies in a constantly changing world. The individuals you hire will either propel your growth or slow your success. It is our role to identify and place the world-class talent that will help you achieve optimum results worldwide.

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Francis & Associates

Francis & Associates website

Today, there are hundreds of search firms to choose from. So what separates us from the rest? We think our differences are our advantages.

We’re specialized. We stay focused on placing upper-level executives. By not trying to be everything to everyone, we're able to be the best at what we do.

We’re seasoned. Search firms come and go. But we've been here for over 20 years and have a reputation to uphold. So you know you'll be working with a team that takes its track record very seriously.

We’re successful. With over 500 assignments completed, over 75% of our assignments are with repeat clients. Some of our existing clients have given us as many as 70 assignments over the years. 

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Garner International

Garner International website

 Garner International is an Executive Search firm headquartered in Singapore, with associates in all major
business centers around the world. The firm is comprised of specialists with management experience in respective industries and with strong business networks. The Garner team is supported by highly skilled research staff and serves clients regionally across Asia-Pacific.

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Gillamor Stephens

Gillamor Stephens website

Gillamor Stephens is EMEA’s leading independent Executive Recruitment company specialising in VP, CxO-level and Non-Executive search for Corporate and VC/PE portfolio companies in the Technology, Online and Cleantech marketplace.

Gillamor Stephens is a retained executive search firm founded in 1998. We specialise in recruiting board and senior functional leadership roles for Technology, Online and Cleantech companies across Europe. Clients included publicly listed as well as PE/Venture backed businesses. We have built our reputation for excellence by applying the highest professional and quality standards to a tailored, customized project approach for each client and assignment. We have the infrastructure, resources and reach of a large firm with the agility, personal touch and energy of an industry specialist firm. 

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Gillian Executive Search

Gillian Executive Search website

We are Executive Recruiters in Real Estate Development, Architecture, Engineering, Construction Management, Finance, Accounting and Real Estate Law. We perform Executive Search assignments throughout the nation. We know that every company is only as strong as its weakest managerial link and therefore we strive to identify the strongest potential candidate for every placement we perform. We work with our clients from the beginning and study every aspect of each executive search. We take the responsibility of finding the appropriate candidate very personally because we want our hard work to pay off for our client companies. We want your company to run faster and stronger because of the talent we've provided. Gillian Executive Search, Inc., because better people equals better projects.

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Glasford International

Glasford International website

Glasford International is a global executive search firm with offices throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and the Americas. Established in the 1980’s, we specialise in headhunting and executive search and selection, as well as, leadership and personality assessments at the international, cross-border and local level. Our 400 search and assessment consultants specialise in eight industry sectors and numerous business areas. And these experts are based at our 50 local offices, close to our clients. Not only does this illustrate our broad expertise and presence; but crucially our determination and commitment to serve you 'on the ground'. Find your local office on our website.

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Glasford International

Glasford International website

Glasford International is a global executive search firm with offices throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East and the Americas. Established in the 1990’s, we specialise in headhunting and executive search and selection, as well as, leadership and personality assessments at the international, cross-border and local level. 

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GLC Consulting

GLC Consulting website

GLC Consulting was established on August 2008 to deliver a wide array of Human Resources Solutions. Our services mainly revolve around Consultancy on HR Strategic Management, Soft-skill Trainings, IT based HR Execution and Recruitment on Executive Level utilizing a skilled and resourceful Consultant and a business system backed by an advanced information system.

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Global Mind Executive Search

Global Mind Executive Search website

We are a leading top end Executive Search Company with the strongest commitment to make our clients most successfull within their field of business and among their competitors. We cover the C-level across all industries and all sectors within financial and professional services. Our scope of business is Executive Search only for the top levels of management, for members of the supervisory board (Chairmen and Non-Executive Directors) and for specialist positions within so called corporate functions (Human Resources, Finance & Accounting, Treasury, Legal, Revision & Compliance, Tax, Corporate Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, Investor and Public Relations, IT, Logistics und Purchase) 

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Global Sage

Global Sage website

ounded in 1998, Global Sage is a privately-held executive search firm, specializing in financial services. It has an industry-leading 95%+ successful completion rate on mandated assignments. The firm is matrixed across three functional areas of expertise – client coverage, geography and products – with each team operating on an integrated global basis. This structure, combined with the firm’s global P&L, produces more effective cross-border and cross-product cooperation. The firm’s consultants include 19 nationalities, speak 26 languages, and have search experience in more than 50 countries. Global Sage employs professionals across the financial services industry and links them with information specialists from journalism, intelligence agencies and consulting. This approach gives Global Sage a competitive advantage in collating market intelligence and in the evaluation of candidates. Global Sage’s assessment techniques result in the hiring of successful candidates who remain with client organizations longer and are typically the first to be promoted. The holding company of Asia’s largest executive search firm, Bó Lè Associates, invested in Global Sage as majority shareholder in December 2011, and increased its shareholding to 100% in early 2013. While Global Sage and Bó Lè Associates will continue to operate as separate entities, given our complementary market and sector coverage, we are working together to deliver value to our clients whenever appropriate world-wide. 

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Glocal Career Consulting

Glocal Career Consulting  website

Glocal Career is a boutique executive search firm with footprints in Asia. We offer professional and bespoke contingency and retained search services across a variety of industrial 

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Godliman Partners

Godliman Partners website

s a Search firm, we work on behalf of companies, not candidates.

Our core service is the execution of retained Executive Search Assignments for Asset Management firms, to help them identify and recruit senior executives or teams.

We work closely with clients to help them manage their recruitment footprint, acting as an additional PR channel to influence the way the firm is perceived by targeted individuals/influencers in the market.

Our extensive knowledge base of the Asset Management sector also allows us to provide a range of information services, including team due diligence, salary surveys, competitor and other market intelligence-focused activities. 

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Groupe Pauzé

Groupe Pauzé website

Founded in 1979 as Michel Pauzé and Associates, the agency became known for its unique insight and responsiveness to client-partner needs using a methodology that focused on integrity and effective work habits to improve recruiting results in marketing, communications, sales and human resources.

Over the past 30 years, Groupe Pauzé has launched, influenced and accelerated the career paths of thousands of business leaders by assisting them in their career choices and career development.
Our privileged relationships, our commitment to principles and our unique approach have earned Groupe Pauzé a reputation for excellence among leading companies big and small in all business sectors.

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Halbrecht Lieberman Associates, Inc.

Halbrecht Lieberman Associates, Inc. website

Halbrecht Lieberman is a premier executive search firm, recruiting senior management for a diverse range of companies, with a specialty in Information Technology, E-Commerce and Technology based business.

Our expertise in recruitment and our unparalleled record of results has earned us respect and client loyalty among America's leading corporations. 

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Halsey Consulting

Halsey Consulting website

e work with financial institutions and their people whose values we share. Their objectives are those of achieving commercial success with an approach built on integrity, strong governance and an insistence on putting customers and clients first.

Most of our work consists of Executive Search (although you will also find brief details of our advisory activity). We focus on Board and ExCo appointments and at the level reporting directly to the top team. Our particular strengths lie in the worlds of the CRO, the CCO, the CFO, the Chief Auditor, the General Counsel and the COO, and we recruit Non-Executive Directors.

We have been doing this since 1988. 

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Hanover Search Group

Hanover Search Group website

Hanover Search Group is a global executive search specialist founded in 1996. With offices worldwide, we bring a dedicated and discreet service to our clients in the Insurance, Asset and Wealth Management fields.

Our discipline focus takes in areas as diverse as Actuarial & Risk on to Investment Management: from Audit & Compliance through to Marketing and Technology. Driving the knowledge and search capabilities behind our successful approach to sourcing talent is our multinational group of highly experienced, highly motivated Partners, Consultants and Researchers.

Our people are our business. Their expertise is unquestionable, their insight far-reaching and their application married to the most demanding standards of professional ethics. The reputation we have forged in the competitive world of executive search and selection is founded upon our dedication to detail, speed of delivery, professionalism and commitment to service.

As a result of the teamwork and leadership organic to our company, we won the HITC "Best Search Firm" award 2015. Only votes submitted by clients and candidates were counted. We have also consistently featured within the top fifteen global boutique search firms within the Financial Services sector in the Executive Grapevine market report.

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Hansar International

Hansar International website

Hansar has a distinct approach to international retained executive search. We achieve Global Reach without imposing a fixed territorial structure.

Our Unique Philosophy is the client's reassurance that the same consultant is intimately involved with all phases of the executive search from beginning to end, regardless of country.

Our Experience in executive search has helped build a clientele of some of the world's best known and most prestigious corporations in the world. 

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Hartmann & Company

Hartmann & Company website

Hartmann & Company is a retained Executive Search and Leadership Consulting Firm with focus on energy, telecommunications,post,rail and information technology market segments. As trusted advisors we are servicing top-down transformation- process driven recruiting and leadership programs of our core target markets in partnership with national and international clients.

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HealthCare Recruiters International

HealthCare Recruiters International  website

Our mission is to improve healthcare by developing connections between specialty talent and top companies and organizations within the medical marketplace.

We are a high-touch recruiting firm specializing in finding talent solutions exclusively for the healthcare, digital health and medical marketplace. HCRI utilizes this firsthand knowledge to create strong relationships and highly tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of your organization. We provide recruiting solutions by identifying and securing talent from front-line contributors to executive-level management. 

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Healy Hunt

Healy Hunt website

Established for over 15 years, Healy Hunt is a specialist executive search firm serving the UK, Irish and International financial and non financial markets. Operating from our London head office, we recruit mid to senior business and functional heads for roles in Banking, Insurance, Asset Management, Professional Services and Specialist Corporates.

In April 2013, Healy Hunt joined forces with Dublin-based Waddington Executive Search in line with the firms strategy of diversifying its proven services into new but related markets. The result - the first fully integrated Dublin-London search firm.

Our aim is to deliver a personalised, consultative, advisory service offering both local knowledge and global reach.

Consultants are specialists within their individual markets and strategic recruitment partners to a wide range of financial services and corporate clients. 

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Heidrick & Struggles

Heidrick & Struggles  website

As The Leadership Company®, we are committed to bring creative, innovative ideas to the table - ideas that will drive an organization’s business ahead through customized talent solutions.

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Herbert Mines Associates, Inc.

Herbert Mines Associates, Inc. website

Herbert Mines Associates was founded in 1978 by Herb Mines, who introduced the concept of retained executive search to retailers.

Our firm has broadened over the years, but without straying from Herb's original focus on delighting clients. Today we are the largest retained executive search firm focused exclusively on consumer-driven businesses including retail, consumer products, fashion/apparel, digital/e-commerce, hospitality, foodservice and the private equity firms that invest in these businesses 

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Higdon Partners LLC

Higdon Partners LLC website

Asset Management Industry Focus Higdon Partners focuses exclusively on clients who manage money. We provide executive search services for asset and wealth management clients, including traditional institutional, mutual fund, and high-net-worth organizations as well as for hedge funds, fund of funds, plan sponsors, endowments and foundations, private equity firms, family offices, consulting firms, minority firms, and governmental agencies. By specializing in the asset management industry, Higdon Partners can provide its clients an educated perspective based on an intimate knowledge of organizations, industry trends, and individual players, compensation levels and components.

Extensive Experience Our firm was established in 1986, and has concentrated exclusively on the asset management industry since 1992. The firm’s senior search professionals have both extensive asset management search experience as well as previous work experience with leading financial services firms in a wide variety of important functions. With a record of successfully satisfying client needs in all functions, Higdon Partners has earned an excellent reputation in the executive search profession and in the investment world.

Partner Attention and Involvement Higdon Partners is owned and managed by active partners who are directly involved in the search process for every search conducted by the firm. Search professionals in the firm are supported by an outstanding team of in-house research, operations, and administrative professionals. Partner attention to searches has enabled the firm to have an extraordinarily high rate of repeat business from existing clients.

We choose to work on a select number of important search assignments at the senior and leadership levels, in order to provide the firm’s full attention and resources on each client assignment. 

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High Potential Women

High Potential Women website

High Potential Women was founded by Caroline van der Beek and Zsolt Horvath. Our office is based in the heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We are an internationally operating, privately owned, executive search firm aiming at connecting leading (inter)national companies and organizations to high-potential, best-in-class, female executives and professionals.

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Highfield Human Solutions

Highfield Human Solutions website

Experts in Highfield's Executive Search practice specialise in seeking out talent for senior roles and we most regularly operate at operational and executive board level.

We employ functional and industry specialists who have the first hand experience, knowledge and credibility that adds genuine value to client organisations.

To seal our commitment to our clients' future business success,we also offer leadership development programmes to all candidates placed by us. 

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Hightech Partners - ITP

Hightech Partners - ITP  website

Hightech Partners ITP, established in 1985, is a trans-European consulting firm focussing on Information Technology, Telecommunication, Media, Clean Technology and other related businesses. Hightech Partners ITP is a co-founder and shareholder of ITP Worldwide Inc, incorporated in Lexington, Massachusetts in 1993 and covering Asia, Europe and North America.
The member firms operate with the professionalism and scope of a large international firm, but without any of the inherent restrictions or conflicts in terms of off-limit companies.
Member firms participate in the global alliance on an exclusive basis for the betterment of their respective clients. They collaborate to provide seamless international support to clients in their search and selection requirements. All member firms are committed to investing the time and resources required to make ITP Worldwide the recognized leader in consulting services for the global technology marketplace.

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Hodge Partners

Hodge Partners website

Hodge Partners is a retained executive search firm specializing in senior executive and board level searches across all industries. With more than 100 years of collective experience, our partners combine deep industry knowledge with state of the art technology for uniquely customized searches and exceptional placements.  

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Hoechsmann & Company

Hoechsmann & Company website

Höchsmann & Company KG is a HR consultancy operating in the domestic and international arena. We specialize in Executive Search, always going the extra mile to identify managers and executives who will be the perfect fit for your organization. It is mostly the case that the best people are not actively seeking a career move. We use industrial networking and professional research methods to source the most suitable candidates; we assess their competencies and once we have established that this is the right move and fit for the candidate and your company, it is our shared task to convince the candidate to join your organization.
Our work is governed by the highest standards of quality and ethics, as we are a longstanding member of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC).
For over a decade we have been successfully consulting clients and candidates using personal responsibility, lasting continuity and loyalty to create our proven track record and excellent results.
To ensure success we work on a retainer - fixed fee basis, and don’t accept contingency mandates.
Over the past number of years we have successfully placed hundreds of high profile jobs in various branches and areas. 

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Hoggett Bowers

Hoggett Bowers website

We’re a leading executive search organisation with an international reputation. We help our clients with a broad range of senior executive search, interim management and non-executive appointments. We find the people who shape your future.

Our reputation is based on the expertise of our specialist industry and functional practices, the rigour of our processes and the passion of our people. Our aim is simple: to build long-term client relationships through our ability to find the right candidate, with the right skills, at the right time. 

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Horton International

Horton International website

Horton International is a global executive search firm specializing in the recruitment of senior talent across numerous disciplines. Through offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific, our team of consultants use their local resources to find the right candidates for you. 

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HRD Consultants Inc.

HRD Consultants Inc. website

HRD Consultants is a marquee-name, retainer-only search firm. For 30 years, we have focused exclusively on the placement of executive-level human resource professionals. We go beyond executive search by acting as an advisor to our clients and indentifying and addressing key issues that affect talent acquisition and retention. 

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Hunter & Chase

Hunter & Chase website

Hunter & Chase is a professional search, headhunting and advisory firm – supporting companies and organisations all over the world with making middle to senior level appointments, as well as with hard to fill positions.


Hunter & Chase is built on foundations of quality, in everything it does, a Modus Operandi that still runs deep throughout the company culture today. The firm has an extensive research and support structure to assist qualified headhunters, who have a profound understanding of the industries Hunter & Chase operates in, with a canny ability to attract talented and desirable candidates to its clients. Further, Hunter & Chase has a robust headhunting process that is both agile and thorough, thus customised with relative ease to each client’s specific requirements, challenges, business operations and culture.


Hunter & Chase has a global business footprint, with activities across the UK & Europe, Asia, Americas, Africa, and across the Middle East.

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Hunting Heads

Hunting Heads website

hunting heads is one of the top 5 executive search companies in Europe and specialised in searching Management, Leaders, C-Level and Top Managers as well as Board Members. 

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Hunting Heads International

Hunting Heads International website

You rely on people? So do we! That is why we are different form other executive search firms. Our headhunters are professionals with economy and industry backgrounds. We offer leading European consultancy services and are considered a specialist in executive search. We mediate leadership positions (sales manager, managers, top managers) and much more.

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HVS Executive Search

HVS Executive Search website

HVS Executive Search provide human capital advisory services to leaders in the hotel, restaurant, food service and gaming industries around the world. Specialties include senior-level executive search, mid-management recruitment and performance improvement strategies. 

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IdealWave Solutions

IdealWave Solutions website

IdealWave was founded in 2001 with the goal of becoming the most trusted and experienced executive search firm in the mobile and digital media sector. IdealWave provides custom retained executive search solutions to exceptional companies in the mobile and digital media industries. IdealWave’s executive search practice leverages our domain expertise, research, and strategic contacts in conjunction with close client collaboration throughout the search process to execute thorough, comprehensive, and successful engagements. Our search methodology leverages our primary market research, substantial strategic market insights, a deep understanding of the top executives in the industry that has been developed over the past 12 years, and an ability to ask the right questions. We are a trusted partner of companies and executives in mobile and digital media and produce substantive and measurable results.

IdealWave is a proud member of the Association of Executive Search Consultants; the worldwide professional association for the retained executive search and leadership consulting industry. 

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IESF Group International

IESF Group International website

IESF Group International is a global Executive Search organization with Headquarters in Zürich (Switzerland). With our branch offices in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Greece and Bulgaria we operate integrated across Europe.

We network every day the knowledge within our IESF Group International affiliates and Partners which gives us access to all the regions globally.

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Indigo Headhunters

Indigo Headhunters website

Headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Indigo Headhunters was founded in 2007 by six thoroughly experienced headhunters whose goal is to recruit top level executives and specialists in the fields of financial services, professional services, law, and real estate.

Among our clients are banks, insurance companies, asset managers, private-equity companies, hedge funds, strategy- and management consultants, audit firms, law firms, and real estate companies in the European economic area. We act exclusively on our client´s request and directly approach potential candidates.

We at Indigo Headhunters have broad market access and first-rate knowledge in the aforementioned business sectors. One of our trademarks is our ability to process recruitment orders in a well structured, timely and transparent manner. We make it a priority to maintain close relationships with our clients and our candidates. 

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Inspired Search

Inspired Search website

As specialists in supply chain, logistics, transport and production we are able to realize te match between our clients and our candidates. Our focus is towards permanent and interim positions for senior executives, professionals and high-potentials. Our assignments take place in all European countries and our network has a global reach.

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i-Potentials  website

i-Potentials is the HR consultancy for the European digital industry.It is our vision to connect the leading minds with the best jobs in the digital industry to foster growth and innovation. The digital age has significantly changed the rules of recruiting and retaining talent. Staying ahead of the game means recruiting and retaining employees who can actively manage change – culturally and practically. That is exactly what we focus on. Since different levels require different solutions we have created two specialized divisions: TalentSpin and Digital Executives Digital Executives: Direct search of executives, CXOs and Board Members with digital focus. TalentSpin: Recruiting solutions for digital professionals and entrepreneurial talents.

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IRC Group Executive Search

IRC Group Executive Search  website

IRC, International Recruitment Consulting, was founded by a team of executive search consultants with many years of experience in financial and legal services.
We offer Executive search, Board Consulting & Director Search, Management Assessment and Coaching Services.

We work internationally and borderless in several languages.

We have global search experience and offices in Brussels, Dubai, Geneva, London, Luxembourg, Monaco, New York, Paris, Singapore.

We are a single-profit center partnership. This allows us to operate seamlessly across many offices in a country or a region.

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IRG Executive Search

IRG Executive Search website

RG Executive Search is a corporate search and selection firm, specialising in both locating and securing hidden talent within specialist markets throughout Europe.

Working with only a small number of companies in each of the markets we operate within has major benefits to our clients. They include a wider candidate pool to select from, and a much higher probability of locating a real expert for the skills gap, which exists inside your organisation.

IRG Executive Search is a pre-eminent provider of executive talent solutions. Our aims include becoming, not the largest, but the most sought after Executive Search Firm in the world. 

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J.B. Homer Associates, Inc.

J.B. Homer Associates, Inc. website

JB Homer Associates is a retained executive search firm with the global experience, reach, and assessment skills needed to source technology and operations executive talent in a global market.

Our searches cross all industries and all borders with a completion rate within our clients' desired time frames that exceeds 90% of our search assignments.

We leverage our in-house customized research capabilities and our extensive network of contacts and relationships to identify and attract a diverse slate of candidates who meet and often surpass our clients' search criteria.

Our level of service and our ability to bring our searches to a swift and successful closure has enabled us to attract new clients that range from members of the Fortune 500 to startups - even as we continue to nurture and maintain our partnerships with our long standing clients.

For more than 25 years we have offered both our clients and candidates a superior search experience.

Our relationships with the leading technology and operations executives have been built over 25 years in the business. The top talent in this space knows and trusts us.

We have built our reputation by successfully assessing, recruiting and placing C-Level Executives and their teams in Executive Positions such as Senior Vice President, Vice President, Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), as well as Director and Management Level Executives.

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J.B. Hunt Executive Search

J.B. Hunt Executive Search website

Hunt Executive Search is a global provider of senior-executive search and leadership consulting services. We advise our clients on recruiting and developing effective leaders who can significantly impact success of our clients.

Hunt Executive Search was founded in 1988. Over the years our firm has kept its original focus on collaborating with clients to help them become high-performance businesses through identifying, recruiting and developing world-best talent. Today we are the leading retained executive search firm focused exclusively on consumer products, life sciences, retail and diversified industrial space. We also work with Private Equity Firms that invest in these businesses 

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Janet Wright & Associates

Janet Wright & Associates website

The JWA Philosophy

Since 1995, many prominent public institutions in Canada have entrusted JWA with a great responsibility – seeking out leaders who will make a difference.

In a civil society, public and not-for-profit institutions – and by extension, their leaders – have a profound impact on the quality of life in our communities. Whether it involves delivering compassionate health care, shaping the future of an institution of higher education, or promoting Canadian culture, public-sector leaders require extraordinary skills.

At JWA, our consultants understand the inherent challenges of leadership in the public and not-for-profit sectors. We are proud of our record of recruiting individuals who have the strategic vision, the management capabilities, and the personal dynamism that inspire organizational excellence. 

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Jay Gaines & Company, Inc.

Jay Gaines & Company, Inc. website

A boutique executive search firm, Jay Gaines & Company excels at nuanced searches for senior and strategic roles. We pride ourselves on our rigor and precision in matching candidates to a client’s culture and the enduring quality of the matches we help create. Our domain is centered in financial services and financial and information technology. Since 1982, we have successfully served clients in domestic and global investment management, capital markets, banking, alternative asset management, consulting, insurance and government. Our signature is high touch engagement, assessment depth, and relationships with candidates and clients that span decades.

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JBK Associates

JBK Associates website

JBK Associates, Inc. is an award winning, woman-owned, retained executive search and talent solutions organization specializing in the acquisition, management and development of senior level talent across a wide spectrum of functional responsibilities and industries. Founded in 2003 by Julie Kampf, the vision for the executive recruitment company since inception has been to create a full service executive search and talent solutions firm with a vision distinct from its competitors. JBK prides itself on its “high touch/high return” philosophy and values within the executive search industry. Our client relationships are truly partnerships, where we strive to be not only an executive search resource but also a trusted advisor and extension of our client team, thereby understanding the intricacies and culture of each and every client. 

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Jenewein & Partner

Jenewein & Partner website

Amrop Jenewein is one of the leading executive recruitment companies in Austria. As part of one of the world’s largest, independent and owner-managed executive search groups we function as a centre of excellence and a hub for Central and Eastern Europe. Our expertise revolves around executive searches, professional searches, supervisory board posts and leadership services.

Amrop Jenewein stands for 35 years of local and regional know-how, a sustained level of quality, shared processes and quality standards as well as for pooled resources. First and foremost, however, Amrop Jenewein stands for relationships of trust with clients and candidates built up over more than three decades. Our advisory services are all based on a network of more than 40,000 candidates and sources developed over many years. 

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John Peebles Associates, Ltd.

John Peebles Associates, Ltd. website

Established in 1989 in Auckland, New Zealand, John Peebles Associates is recognised as a leading search firm in the Asia Pacific region. We remain a privately owned business, proud of our reputation and ability to outperform any other search company.

We primarily work for publicly listed, major cooperative or private companies, although the business does undertake some Chief Executive search for government entities from time to time. A good proportion of our company’s business comes from offshore or is for offshore locations, as our capabilities reach far beyond New Zealand.

We provide confidential, efficient and personalised service, and pride ourselves on our reliability and integrity. We are well regarded for our expertise with candidates as well as our ability to drive long-term growth and commercial value for our clients through our search and advisory work. 

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Johnson Executive Search

Johnson Executive Search website

Johnson Executive Search offers a unique boutique style approach to executive recruitment. Our personal touch, extensive experience and collective resources enhance our ability to deliver outstanding executive and leadership talent to our clients. Our goal is to help each client clarify and define their hiring expectations and manage those expectations for maximum results. Based in Ottawa, Canada, we’re an executive search firm that delivers innovative and strategic solutions for our clients across North America.

Our philosophy is rooted in collaborative spirit, boundless creativity, and quality results. Our commitment to client service and client satisfaction is proven and trusted. We alleviate your recruitment stress by working with you to learn exactly what skills and attributes you’re looking for in your top-level candidate. We get involved with our clients through ongoing stakeholder and candidate communications, proven recruitment processes and timely delivery. 

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Jomon Associates

Jomon Associates website

Jomon Associates creates deep and valuable personal encounters among businesspeople, thereby contributing to the advancement of a society in which individuals can realize and appreciate the dynamism of life through a stimulating career. This is our corporate credo.

We provide executive human resource solutions, including executive search, management assessment, business succession consulting, corporate governance consulting, and alliance and M&A advisory services. We help businesspeople to develop their careers successfully, and ultimately grow as individuals in a society where globalization and intense competition challenge corporate ability to manage a range of issues and arouse uncertainty concerning career view, ethics, and even lifestyle among employees at every level.  

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Joseph Executive Search

Joseph Executive Search website

From our offices in the UK and US, we manage the executive recruitment requirements for private sector organisations across a diverse range of sectors, including Life Sciences, Professional Services, IT/Software and Management Consulting.

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JP Boyle & Associates Executive Search

JP Boyle & Associates Executive Search website

JP Boyle & Associates Executive Search provides specialized retained executive search services for Medical Device, Healthcare, Mobile Health, Digital Health, Nanotechnology and Tech Startup companies seeking to recruit top performing senior executives.

As executive recruiters, we help organizations select and hire C-level executives at the CEO, COO, CTO, CIO levels as well as senior executives who lead business development, R&D, Quality/Regulatory, Operations, Supply Chain and other key organizational functions. Our clients are in the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

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Kaluzynski & Madeja

Kaluzynski & Madeja website

Kaluzynski & Madeja evolved from Poland's oldest executive search firm, founded in 1991. The firm has been active since 2002, under the Kaluzynski & Madeja brand name. In 2009, we joined Odgers Berndtson Group, one of the most successful global executive search networks in the world. Unlike the major top retained executive search practices worldwide, Odgers Berndtson works largely on a partnership model, with most national businesses independently owned by their management 

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Kaplan & Associates, Inc.

Kaplan & Associates, Inc. website

K&A specializes in conducting searches for senior "C-Level" executives, including Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Technology/Information Officers and Board Members. We have extensive experience recruiting senior leaders in functional areas such as finance, general management, information technology, operations, sales and marketing, and human resources as well. Our firm also has special expertise assisting private investors in building leadership teams for their portfolio companies. 

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Kappa Search

Kappa Search website

Kappa Search Inc. is a technical recruitment firm that has served the Chicago area for almost 20 years. We specialize in full time, direct hire placement in the Chicago metropolitan area and throughout the country. Our primary disciplines are: - Engineering & Technology, Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Logistics & Procurement and Sales & Marketing.

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KAS Placement

KAS Placement  website

When companies are serious about hiring the top sales, sales management and marketing personnel possible, they come to KAS Placement. For the past ten years, we’ve been putting together winning teams in over 100 different industries.

From software to fashion to food and beverage to waste management and everything in-between, we have assisted organizations of all sizes in achieving their executive search goals.

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Kenniff & Racine

Kenniff & Racine website

Kenniff & Racine is a retainer-based executive search firm specializing in senior level executives and board members recruitment, as well as management consulting. With offices in Montréal and Toronto, our experts have extensive experience in top-level recruitment assignments in the public and private sectors, and in various fields of activity. 

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Kerridge & Partners

Kerridge & Partners website

Kerridge & Partners is a leadership consultancy with core offerings centred on executive and director search, human capital consulting, executive coaching, board dynamic reviews and advisory.
We offer top end solutions to discerning clients across all geographies, in sectors such as energy, manufacturing, financial services, retail, infrastructure, science, dairy, food, media, telecommunications & information technology, central and local government 

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Kim Johnston Executive Search Ltd

Kim Johnston Executive Search Ltd  website

We are executive recruitment experts with an impressive network of local, national and international contacts.

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Kincannon & Reed

Kincannon & Reed website

Kincannon & Reed is a retained executive search firm engaged by organizations around the world to recruit impact players in the food, agribusiness, and life sciences sectors.
Clients benefit from our unique focus, expertise, and approach. This combination has produced an enviable record of success: we deliver leaders with judgment who get results. 

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Knightsbridge Executive Search

Knightsbridge Executive Search website

Knightsbridge is a human capital solutions firm that truly integrates the expertise of finding, developing, and optimizing an organization’s people to deliver more effective solutions maximizing their investments in people and delivering better performance.
Knightsbridge was created from its inception to be different, by bringing together teams of specialists with a broader integrated perspective across recruitment, leadership and organizational development, learning, and career and workforce management. These specialists challenge our client’s assumptions and work as a team to accurately diagnose the underlying issues limiting organizational performance. The result is more objective advice and multi-faceted solutions that are customized and implemented based on a client’s specific needs making them more effective and reducing costs by eliminating redundant investments. 

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Korn/Ferry International

Korn/Ferry International website

At Korn Ferry, we design, build, attract and ignite talent. Since our inception, clients have trusted us to help recruit world-class leadership. Today, we are a single source for leadership and talent consulting services to empower businesses and leaders to reach their goals.

Through our vision, research and tools across 80 offices and 3,500 employees, we convert potential into greatness. Our solutions range from executive recruitment and leadership development programs, to enterprise learning, succession planning, and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).

Organizations around the world trust Korn Ferry to manage their talent – a responsibility we meet every day with passion, expertise, integrity and results. | 

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Korn/Ferry International

Korn/Ferry International  website

At Korn Ferry, we design, build, attract and ignite talent. Since our inception, clients have trusted us to help recruit world-class leadership. Today, we are a single source for leadership and talent consulting services to empower businesses and leaders to reach their goals.Through our vision, research and tools across 80 offices and 3,400 employees, we convert potential into greatness. Our solutions range from executive recruitment and leadership development programs, to enterprise learning, succession planning, and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).

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Lachner Aden Beyer & Company GmbH

Lachner Aden Beyer & Company GmbH website

As one of the leading consultancies for German and international top-level management, LAB & Company has only one goal: to find the best people for your company. Global corporations entrust their staffing concerns to us, as do “hidden champions“. They rely on our expertise, our passion for the business, our individually tailored approach, and last but not least our international competency. Our offices in Germany and Austria successfully cooperate with our partner firms throughout the globe. The focus areas of our work is in Europe, the USA, and Asia. 

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Lancor Group

Lancor Group website

ancor is a global search firm that advises investors, Board Members, and CEOs on their most critical and strategically significant hires.

Lancor was founded by experienced search professionals who had already achieved success as top performers at other leading firms. We are proud to be an independent, owner-operated firm, created with the simple goal of putting clients’ interests first.

Lancor helps clients recruit the best talent in the world. Our advice is based on a highly consultative approach, underpinned by rigorous process, detailed industry insight, and a comprehensive knowledge of leadership talent built over many years.

Working as an extension of our clients, we drive the agenda, providing structured, tailored advice, and caring above all else about building long-term relationships and creating lasting value. 

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Landelahni website

Established in 1996, Landelahni forms strategic partnerships with its clients to provide a suite of expert solutions for sourcing senior executives and developing leadership potential. A member of the Amrop global executive search firm since 1997, Landelahni became Amrop’s sole partner for sub-Saharan Africa in 2013. 

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Lang et Associés

Lang et Associés website

Founded in 1986 and interlocutor many groups of high reputation, our performance is linked to a high reactivity and adaptability, allowing us a sustained research of Directors, Executives and specialists of a wide variety of industries and companies.

We operate in France and Europe, but also in the Middle East, Africa, India, Southeast Asia, East, South America and the United States.

Consultants share an ethical board in a spirit of partnership with business and remain the privileged interlocutor of the client. 

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Larsen Executive Search

Larsen Executive Search website

Larsen Executive Search is looking for top executives every day.

We have expertise in the Banking & Insurance market, ICT and Trade & Industry markets.

We represent 100k+ functions existing by large & stock exchange quoted companies in the Netherlands.

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Leaders-Trust International

Leaders-Trust International website

Since 1984, Leaders Trust has advised clients at a senior level on how to attract, assess, retain, and develop their management teams and their high potential individuals. Our expertise in understanding the context of our clients’ organisations and their business strategies enables us to understand and anticipate their needs for better management team structures and to assist them in their search for the best talent.

All of our Partners bring specific expertise in the markets and functions in which they specialise. The broad range of experience and the collegiate approach of our Partners guarantee tailored searches and effective results.

We help our clients by evaluating their business leaders in the light of the relevant business challenges, as well as when looking for members of the executive committee, heads of specialist group functions and non-executive directors.

The loyalty of our clients and the success of their businesses demonstrate the impact and accuracy of the Leaders Trust strategic approach to evaluation of senior executives and executive search. 

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Legacy Executive Search Partners Inc.

Legacy Executive Search Partners Inc. website

Legacy Executive Search Partners is a leader in identifying and engaging executive talent to help your company or organization flourish.
Legacy Partners is built on a solid foundation of our 40+ years of professional experience as the former PricewaterhouseCoopers Executive Search team. Legacy Partners draws on this near half-century track record of professionalism in providing strategic thinking and staffing for success – just what you would expect from a firm with deep roots in management consulting and business strategy. 

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Leighton Partners

Leighton Partners website

Leighton Partners is an international Executive Search & Talent Acquisition consultancy firm based in Calgary, AB, Canada with a reputation for providing industry leading results and best in class service to Canadian, US and International private and public companies. 

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LIREA International

LIREA International website

LIREA, with a strong geographical focus EMEA, operates from Middle to Top Senior Management including some Expert profiles. LIREA provides Flexible, Change Management oriented, Out-of-the-box Global Talents in perfect adequacy with today & tomorrow, economical & organizational world our clients are facing. How? Through a new Business Model (The 2Q) and a Recruiting Approach.

  • Global: by mastering all Sourcing Methods: Executive, Advertising & Proactive Search and International Sourcing. 
  • Innovative: Talents selected not only by competences but also by Business Model characteristics and by HR cultural organization. 
  • Flexible: various contractual formulas to incorporate Talent (Permanent, Temporary or Project basis or indirect forms).
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Lovett and Lovett Executive Search

Lovett and Lovett Executive Search website

Lovett and Lovett Executive Search provides consulting engagements that assist clients with defining and executing a strategic recruitment process that leads to the selection and hiring of the most highly qualified professionals.

Lovett and Lovett Executive Search was incorporated in 1988 and since that time, through our quest to provide world class service, we have continued to refine and develop our skill and technique for finding, identifying and qualifying top-notch talent.

One of our firm's most distinguishing factors is our ability to present candidates that are content and happy in their current position and are not necessarily looking for a new job. These candidates are however, interested in a career move and an opportunity with our client organization. It is our sincere belief, drawing from our many years of executive search experience, that good candidates are not always looking for a new position. As you will acknowledge during your search, the successful candidate is being well taken care of by their organization and does not have the interest or time to network with others or answer advertisements to make a career change. We feel it is our job to find those individuals, present the opportunity and interest them to pursue the position with our client organization.  

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Lucas Group

Lucas Group website

Lucas Group began in 1970 in Atlanta, GA as a small, one-man business with the important vision of helping military personnel transition to the civilian workforce after honorably completing their military service.

Today, Lucas Group has evolved into the premier recruiting firm in North America. With 15 locations nationwide, strategic partnerships with recruiting firms in Canada and Europe, and deep experience in a wide range of industries, Lucas Group has earned a reputation for unparalleled customer service and bottom line results. 

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MAC Executive Recruiters

MAC Executive Recruiters  website

MAC Executive Recruiters is an executive search firm servicing global clients. Serving: Oil & Gas, Chemical, Healthcare, IT, Banking (Investment, Corporate & Commercial), Finance & Accounting, etc.  Our platform allows seasoned recruiting professionals an environment to work together providing a better product to the clients & candidates we serve.

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Madison MacArthur

Madison MacArthur  website

With offices in Toronto, ON and New York, NY, Madison MacArthur has successfully completed search assignments for a client base that includes many Fortune 500 companies as well as some of the most dynamic entrepreneurial firms 

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Maes & Lunau Executive Search

Maes & Lunau Executive Search website

The strength of Maes & Lunau lies in its ability to perform executive searches at the top level. The firm was started by Raoul Maes and Eric Lunau in 1978. It was a logical step at the time; for years, the two McKinsey consultants had been getting requests to supply top candidates along with their consulting expertise.

Maes & Lunau now has six senior consultants, all of them seasoned leaders from the corporate and public sectors. They work with a team of dedicated researchers and assistants to successfully fill appointment after appointment. We are a close-knit team, with tremendous team spirit. And we are equally devoted to our clients and candidates. We combine our knowledge, experience and network access for your benefit and hold nothing back. Maes & Lunau has only one goal: The right candidate in the right place 

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Magellan International L.P.

Magellan International L.P. website

Magellan International, L.P. is the advisor of choice among top professional services firms seeking guidance and counsel on talent acquisition. For over fifteen years, we have helped leading advisory services, management consulting, IT Services firms and Fortune 500 companies navigate the professional services talent pool. By acting as a trust advisor to both clients and candidates, we leverage our deep experience to build long-standing relationships and facilitate executive level hires that are persistent.

Over 90% of our clients come back to us to address new talent needs. Their experience with us has built a unique trust that we are unlike transactional search vendors. We put the relationship with our clients and candidates first.

Magellan International’s principal focus in the professional services industry means we have unrivalled access to leading consultants around the world and an extensive candidate network. We understand the consulting environment and how to achieve success from establishing the hiring case through to post-placement integration. We can truly advise our clients in every aspect of talent acquisition.

And, Magellan’s proprietary process for candidate sourcing yields not only the best qualified candidates, but also a wealth of market intelligence. Our experienced consultants interpret this intelligence to ensure our clients hire the right candidate, at the right level and with the right compensation package.

Magellan International, L.P. is privately held, headquartered in Houston, Texas with offices in Chicago and London. Magellan serves the US, South America and Western Europe. 

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Marlborough Aviation Executive Search

Marlborough Aviation Executive Search website

For more than a decade, Marlborough has been one of the world’s leading retained Executive Search practitioners operating exclusively within the Air Transport and Travel sectors. We are experts at identifying aviation talent and are trusted advisers to airports, airlines, aerospace manufacturers, service providers, travel companies and industry associations worldwide.

We pride ourselves on high levels of customer satisfaction, a dynamic approach plus guaranteed quality and integrity in service delivery.

We are committed to forming long term relationships rather than one-off transactional deals. Over 80% of our assignments are via client or candidate referrals, or as a result of direct repeat business. It is a testament to our trust reputation that many of our candidates have chosen to remain with us throughout their entire careers 

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Martin Partners, L.L.C.

Martin Partners, L.L.C. website

Our innovative services and entrepreneurial team of recruiters allow us to creatively solve searches more effectively than our competition. We are constantly brainstorming and sharing ideas so our clients benefit from the full experience of the team. We apply a combination of tenacity, perseverance, work ethic, and creativity to all of our clients' search needs.  

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MAS Recruiting

MAS Recruiting website

As a Philadelphia area based boutique executive search and retained recruiting firm, MAS Recruiting offers clients a strong level of recruiting expertise and an unprecedented level of service not received from larger retained recruiting firms.

We have a national list of clients. Our client list includes emerging-growth up to Fortune 500 companies. We have strong experience in retained search within a multitude of industry verticals.

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Matura Farrington Staffing Services

Matura Farrington Staffing Services  website

Matura Farrington Inc. was founded in 1994 as an exclusively direct hire recruiting firm specializing in the placement of legal staff. For the next five years we built a solid reputation in the Los Angeles legal and corporate communities for providing a level of service not typical of the standard staffing firm; a personalized, honest, and professional approach became our signature. Based on our successful business model and our experience and expertise in direct hire recruiting, in 1999 we expanded our company to include a temporary division in order to meet all of the hiring needs requested by our clients.


Today, we are proud to offer our clients, which includes local and national law firms, Fortune 500 corporations, and Los Angeles-based companies, a complete and comprehensive staffing service with a commitment and dedication to quality recruiting that is above the traditional employment agency. Since 1994, our team of professional recruiters is credited with helping our company build its client base. Each has been chosen because they possess the same philosophy and approach to recruiting that our company was built on; they are an integral part of our success.

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Maxwell Drummond International

Maxwell Drummond International website

axwell Drummond International is the leading executive search consultancy to the global Energy industry.
With our offices in London, Houston, Calgary, Aberdeen, Rio de Janeiro and Singapore, we have the unique mix of local knowledge and international experience to successfully execute complex local, regional and global search mandates. Our fully integrated team of search professionals has the expertise and the unparalleled breadth of networks to cover every major energy sector worldwide.
We have completed over 1,400 Energy related search mandates across more than 50 countries in the past decade, from board-level appointments and executive leadership roles through to mid-level management and senior technical professionals.
We are dedicated to helping our clients create world-class capability and achieve their business objectives by securing the highest caliber candidates in the market. Whether you are looking to strengthen your executive, senior management, and technical leadership teams, or gain deeper insight into your respective marketplace, finding your precise solution is our forte. 

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McEvoy Associates, Ltd.

McEvoy Associates, Ltd. website

Based in Dublin, McEvoy Associates is an Executive Search firm that helps organisations find and hire leadership & specialist talent that really makes a difference. It's senior management recruitment services are delivered across Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe and through it's stockholding membership of Signium International it provides access to Global capability for its clients.

Signium International is a Global Integrated Partnership of locally owned and managed consulting firms focused on executive search (headhunting) and respected for quality service, market understanding and commitment to client relationships.
We provide a comprehensive search plan, customised for each engagement. Our keen understanding of the strategic need for 'top talent human capital', puts us in a unique position to assist businesses achieve success. These coupled with our added-value original research allow clients make informed decisions regarding candidates, positively impacting their businesses into the future. 

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McKinney Consulting

McKinney Consulting website


is an executive search firm (sometimes simplified as executive recruiters, or headhunters) which places bi-lingual middle-senior level executives for multinational companies in Korea & Asia.

McKinney Consulting also provides coaching services which are behavioral-based with scientifically developed tools in coaching executives and businesses to excellence and success. 

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Mellaart International

Mellaart International website

Mellaart International is a limited liability company. It is an International Management Consulting & Executive Search firm working on a retained basis, focusing on Turkey, the Middle East, Iran and Central Asia.
Mellaart International is a member of the IMD International Search Group. IMD International Search Group is a global affiliation of first class Executive Search firms which are leaders in their respective domestic markets.
We believe that the identification, recruitment and retention of human capital is the key to the success of any business in a competitive marketplace. Executives with the right mix of skills, experience and cultural compatibility are crucial for the leadership of companies in a rapidly changing and growing environment. Human capital is the key added value that can make a significant difference to the performance and growth of a business. 

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MERC Partners

MERC Partners website

MERC Partners is Ireland’s leading executive search consultancy – a ranking affirmed by The Economist Intelligence Unit. For four decades MERC Partners has specialised in the appointment, assessment and development of senior business leaders for many of the most notable Irish and international private sector, public sector and not-for-profit organisations. In addition to its executive search / headhunting line of business, MERC Partners’ suite of client services also includes advertised selectin, leadership consulting, interim management, executive coaching and the identification and appointment of non-executive directors. MERC Partners is the Irish member firm of IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide, one of the Global Top 10 executive search groups. With 47 offices across 34 countries, IIC Partners provides MERC Partners with unrivalled global reach and the opportunity to exchange best practice and the latest innovations in executive search. MERC Partners has been a member of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) for over 30 years, making it one of the longest standing member firms in Europe. The AESC is the worldwide professional association for the retained executive search and leadership consulting industry, promoting the highest professional standards through its industry recognised Code of Ethics and Professional Practice Guidelines.

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Mercier & Partners

Mercier & Partners website

Exec Avenue is an executive search firm specializing in the recruitment of executive and non-executive directors. It was born out of the desire to create an international group that shared similar values and was capable of meeting the same high standards of quality throughout the world. To help our clients to face strategic challenges, we offer a first-rate partnership that enables us to source candidates who are multicultural and, most importantly, successful.

Our real strength lies in our closely-knit international team, which in turn relies on the skills and expertise of each individual partner to identify top-level candidates using extensive research analysis and high-quality assessment methods. Thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the sectors in which our clients operate, a unique multicultural approach, a strong partnership and the ongoing success of our candidates, we have established ourselves as a leading recruitment firm offering true added value for our clients.. 

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Meridian website

Our programs have been developed from over twenty-five years of successful career coaching and executive recruiting. Our programs are designed to fit the specific career goals of senior executives looking for a new career opportunity. There are three level of career programs designed to meet your specific career goals and objectives. 

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Michel Pauzé & Associés

Michel Pauzé & Associés website

Groupe Pauzé team members are seasoned professionals with stellar careers in a wide range of business segments. We apply industry best practices to help clients in the recruitment, development and promotion of talented people to accelerate growth. 

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Millbrook Partners

Millbrook Partners website

Millbrook Partners is a boutique retained executive search and advisory firm working across multiple industries and most executive functions. Our mission is to help clients build and sustain top performing leadership teams.
The cornerstone of our philosophy is the value of client partnership. We believe a central part of our responsibility as true partners is to add value in new and creative ways. We work in close confidence with our clients to address broader people and organizational challenges that constrain profitable growth. We strive to be a trusted advisor to our clients, balancing our objectivity and considerable market experience to help our clients develop solutions to these challenges. We are driven by a passion for impact.
In addition to our core executive search competency, we integrate broader advisory capabilities in order to answer more completely our clients’ talent acquisition and retention issues. We have enhanced our team with several trusted strategic partners who further deepen our advisory capabilities. Our combined expertise in talent advisory, coaching and development provide our clients more complete talent management support. 

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Mindoor Executive Search

Mindoor Executive Search website

Founded in 2000, Mindoor has its headquarters in Milan, a subsidiary in Rome and manages cross-border assignments in Europe through a network of partnerships with a number of leading Executive Search firms based in different countries.

Honesty and professional integrity are the priorities in our relationships with clients and candidates.
These values are flanked by a strong sensitivity to client satisfaction and a clear focus on the expectations of the candidates.  

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Moloney Search

Moloney Search website

Moloney Search was established in 1994 to enable clients to headhunt highly talented individuals into a wide variety of positions, rather than just the traditional preserve of the boardroom. 

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Morgan Samuels Company

Morgan Samuels Company website

Morgan Samuels is a leading human capital consulting firm, with a focus on retained executive search, strategic consulting, and market intelligence. We are committed to developing and nurturing deep relationships with our clients and building a strong network of world class executives across industries


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Moyer, Sherwood Associates

Moyer, Sherwood Associates website

Moyer, Sherwood Associates, Inc. is a retainer executive search firm serving client companies throughout the country. We maintain a specialty practice in public relations/communications, investor relations, and related fields. We offer our clients highly personal, high-level attention, rooted in the combination of three approaches: traditionally thorough, confidential executive search consulting; a modern, technology-driven search process; and our own belief in the importance of unique creativity to effect truly superior quality search. From 1992 to 1997 we were headquartered in the Landmark Square office complex in Stamford, Connecticut. In 1997 the firm moved to the UBS Building in New York’s Rockefeller Center, and was based there until 2010. In 2011 we moved to our current space on West 44th Street. We are a member of the Association of Executive Search Consultants. 

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MSC Headhunters

MSC Headhunters website

US,UK and European Headhunters specialising in high level strategic hires throughout the Technology Sector. We operate worldwide and headhunt extensively in European countries. Furthermore MSC Headhunters have the confidence and commitment to offer guarantees that are bespoke and unique to our competitors.

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NMC Nijsse International

NMC Nijsse International website

stablished in 1983, NMC Group Europe comprises well-established, highly-recognised and competent executive search companies in western Europe.

We offer significant competitive advantages to our customers and strengthen their organisational structures by consulting them in acquiring top-level, world-class management. NMC Group Europe maintains long-lasting relationships with its clients.

We have an outstanding reputation and are distinguished by our performance and professionalism, personal approach and close involvement in our clients’ business and success. 

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Norman Broadbent

Norman Broadbent website

Norman Broadbent is one of the world’s leading executive search firms. We have a global reach, a longstanding track record and a reputation for successful outcomes. We’re passionate about providing people solutions that deliver a competitive edge for our clients’ businesses. We’re trusted by some of the world’s largest organisations and many rapidly growing SMEs turn to us for help. 

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O'Connell Marketing Recruitment

O'Connell Marketing Recruitment  website

At O'Connell we are passionate about all things global. We thrive on running searches to find the very best talent across the world for companies seeking leading international marketing, corporate communications and digital talent.

Our track record is evidenced from our work with leading global organisations across Europe over the past 12 years. By sourcing the best-in-market, we complement the growth strategies of these organisations. 

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Odgers Berndtson

Odgers Berndtson website

Odgers Berndtson is an established brand, representing one of the most successful global executive search entities in the world. Known as as Ray & Berndtson until 2009, our change of name reflects our commitment to work even more cohesively to find the highest calibre of individuals throughout the world. 

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Odgers Berndtson

Odgers Berndtson  website

Under our global brand, Odgers Berndtson, the group delivers worldwide executive search solutions and is committed to securing exceptional talent to lead and direct the most successful organizations on the planet.

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Orbis Executive Search Inc.

Orbis Executive Search Inc. website

Founded in March 1996 and privately owned is ORBIS Executive Search Inc. in co-operation with her network partner TRANSEARCH International one of the leading international executive search companies.

The values of our success are quality orientation, independency, know-how and the personal commitment of our HR consultants and our research-team for every individual client assignment. We support and advice companies in search and selection for senior level executives, management and key positions and develop tailer-made and sustainable HR solutions.

Our independency allows us to focus all our expertise on meeting client’s targets and requirements. Our research-team works autonomously, in closed collaboration with our HR consultants, analyses the global markets to find best qualified candidates.

Our clients are small, medium and large enterprises with national and international focus.

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Osprey Clarke Executive Search

Osprey Clarke Executive Search website

A market leader in executive search, we recruit through sector and functional practice groups at board and senior management levels. We are the UK arm of Penrhyn International, ranked in the top 10 of global search firms, operating as a partnership of retained executive search firms sharing similar values and ethics. 

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Over Resourcing

Over Resourcing website

Over Resourcing Ltd is an international headhunting agency based in France, the UK and Russia with many local partners worldwide.

We are able to source Sales Managers in different industries.We only accept the candidate search if we think that we can make the difference.Please contact us to know more about our conditions.

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Panelli Motta Cabrera & Associados

Panelli Motta Cabrera & Associados website

Amrop Panelli Motta Cabrera is the Brazilian partner company for Amrop, one of the leading Executive Search global networks.

We focus on the specific requirements of each challenge, taking not only the company's interests and potential candidate profiles into consideration, but also market issues and local culture, in a constant effort to ensure appropriate and enduring solutions.

We specialize in assisting clients in identifying and recruiting leaders in domestic and international markets so as to develop, renew and sustain their business activities.

Amrop Panelli Motta Cabrera, founded in 1975, is one of the most traditional and well-reputed Retained Executive Search consulting firms in the domestic market and the leading Brazilian company in its secto

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Parker Executive Search

Parker Executive Search website

Parker Executive Search is a leading global retained executive search firm. We have a national and international client base including top intercollegiate athletics programs, leading colleges and universities, Fortune 500 corporations, privately held startups and best-in-class nonprofits. We concentrate solely on senior level placements.

At Parker Executive Search, we consistently exceed client expectations by providing the very best candidates through a seamless and inclusive search approach 

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Pedersen & Partners

Pedersen & Partners website

Pedersen & Partners is a leading international Executive Search firm. We operate 56 wholly owned offices in 52 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia & the Americas. Our values Trust, Relationship and Professionalism apply to our interaction with clients as well as executives.

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People & Projects e.K.

People & Projects e.K.  website

People & Projects e.K. - Headhunting bietet Ihnen, angefangen von der klassischen Personalberatung bis hin zum komplexen Executive Search, durchgängig qualitativ hochwertige und vielseitige Beratungsleistungen. Das Spektrum unserer Mandanten reicht von klein- und mittelständischen Unternehmen bis hin zu Konzernen der unterschiedlichsten Branchen.

Unser Fokus liegt bei allen Unternehmungen auf einer nachhaltigen Wertschöpfung und einem langfristigen Erfolg für Ihr Unternehmen. Unsere Headhunter finden für Sie die "passenden Köpfe" und bieten Ihnen Lösungen mit optimaler Ausrichtung und Weitblick. Qualität und Kundenzufriedenheit stehen bei uns im Mittelpunkt. Diskretion, offene Kommunikation, aktives Zuhören, partnerschaftliche Betreuung, individuelle und qualitativ hochwertige Beratung, transparente Auftragsabwicklung, flexible Lösungsfindungen und - Gestaltungen sind nur einige der Kernpunkte, die unsere Mandanten an uns schätzen.

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PeopleSelect Executive Search

PeopleSelect Executive Search website

People Select is headhunter in de consumer goods en retail. Met een toegewijd team van twee partners en drie consultants bemiddelen wij vaste en interim posities voor managers en professionals. We hebben ieder een specialisme in sales, marketing, trade marketing, category management of inkoop.
Door onze goede contacten in de markt, diepgaande kennis en inzicht in de branche weten wij precies wat er speelt.
Voor ons is een benoeming geslaagd, niet bij plaatsing, maar juist door het succes van de kandidaat in de jaren daarna. Dan hebben wij ons werk goed gedaan.
Wij zijn dan ook trots op de jarenlange samenwerking met onze opdrachtgevers en kandidaten. 

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Pharmadrome website

Pharmadrome is an international provider of search and selection services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies across Northern, Central and Eastern Europe.

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Pinton Forrest & Madden

Pinton Forrest & Madden website

We are a worldwide leader in executive search based in Vancouver, Canada. As our client you join a collaborative team who works strategically to unearth superior candidates and ultimately an invaluable leader for your organization.

By choosing to work with a trusted and independent boutique firm you will be a true partner. We are seasoned professionals who are committed to ensuring you feel comfortable in sharing your ideas throughout the entire process. Developing an intimate understanding of your needs fuels our ability to deliver creative results that exceed your expectations.

Since our beginnings in 1992 we have helped place some of the most high profile senior executives in Canada. Achieving this success has taken creativity and strong strategic partnerships. Over the years we have purposefully created an in-depth worldwide network of likeminded firms to provide you with access to a global talent pool of the world’s best and brightest. 

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Preng & Associates, Inc.

Preng & Associates, Inc. website

We are Preng & Associates, and for more than three decades, we have earned our reputation as the world's most accomplished executive search firm specializing in meeting the unique management leadership requirements of the energy and natural resources industries.

Working from offices in Houston, London, and Moscow, our consultants possess global search expertise, comprehensive industry knowledge and experience, a commitment to service and a dedication to deliver consistently exceptional executive recruiting results across the energy value chain. We thank you for visiting and invite you to learn more about our global recruiting capabilities. 

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Procurementnetwork website

Executive search / Headhunters in Procurement & Supply Chain.

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Proposte website

Proposte Management Search was founded in 1997 and operates in the field of Executive Search, providing a "tailor made" search and selection solution for top end management in both Multinational and Italian companies, operating primarily in the industrial and financial markets.
Being able to follow this "tailor made" approach highlights our choice in wanting to work in partnership with all of our clients and pursue the highest quality of processes implemented and achieve the most efficient results.
Within our organization, our client centered focus is interconnected with our internally specialized teams who have past experience within specific practices and industries. 

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ProSearch website

reston & Partners was founded in 2004 with a vision of how the search for talent could and should be conducted. In our former roles as Senior HR Executives we were often frustrated when working with search firms. We noticed a lack of "payment for performance" and a failure to understand our organizational culture. The traditional approach provided by the search industry missed the mark time and time again. With more than a half century of combined business experience, we set out to create a "talent solutions" firm where every single part of the process was designed from the clients' point of view. 

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Purcon International

Purcon International website

Purcon International is a specialist operations and procurement executive search firm with specific focus on Consumer, Life Sciences and Industrial sectors.

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Raines International

Raines International website

Raines International Inc. offers clients unparalleled access to diverse groups of superior talent. Across functions, across industries, and across the globe.
We are a midsize executive search firm that has been selected as Preferred Search Partner to the world’s top performing and most discerning companies, from pre-revenue startups to Fortune 50 corporations. From consumer goods, retail, and aerospace to healthcare, private equity, and beyond.
Leveraging over 40 years of history and overlapping relationships, we conduct complex global searches for C-level and executive positions. From London, New York City, and San Francisco to Northwest Arkansas and the suburbs of Seoul. 

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Ramsey Hall

Ramsey Hall website

We provide a range of Business Consultancy services where people are placed at the heart of the organisation. We focus on helping clients recruit, develop and harness leadership capability and provide the framework, as well as expertise, to manage talent through all aspects of the employment life cycle from attraction to exit. Our work includes: executive search; boardroom consulting; leadership development & succession planning; career transition; interim management and a range of business psychology and organisational development solutions.

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Reeder & Associates Ltd.

Reeder & Associates Ltd. website

Reeder & Assoc. Ltd. was founded in 1996 by Michael S. Reeder, former senior partner and a principal owner of Lamalie Amrop International (the nation’s fifth largest executive search firm at the time). While at Lamalie, Mr. Reeder led the firm's national health care and managed care practice.
Reeder & Assoc. Ltd. has represented major commercial insurance carriers, nationally recognized managed care organizations (MCO), venture capital-backed organizations, specialty health care companies, prominent integrated health care delivery systems, leading BlueCross BlueShield Plans, and emerging and established health care companies.  

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RespectSC  website

We, RespectSC Ltd, are one of the leading headhunting firm in Seoul, Korea, and I'm a consultant/executive director, Michael Chung.We help a lot of Korean engineers/specialists experienced at cutting edge in the IT, Bio, Automobile, and Finance & Fashion industries wanting to work in overseas i.e. America, Europe, Middle East and China. On top of that, we assist overseas candidates who wish to work in Korea as well. All inquiries welcome!

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Rhodes Associates

Rhodes Associates website

Rhodes Associates, a retained executive search firm, founded in 1969, specializes in representing firms in most major sectors and disciplines within the real estate industry on a global basis. Rhodes takes a knowledge-based approach to building high-performance teams for some of the world’s leading companies.

For over 40 years, Rhodes has consistently delivered superior executive search and organizational consulting services to our clients. Our specialized knowledge and experience allows us to recruit and identify the most qualified candidates. This translates into excellent results for our clients and long-term career success for the placed candidate. Rhodes consistently achieves the best completion and retention rates in the search industry. 

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Robert Half International

Robert Half International website

Founded in 1948, Robert Half is the first business to provide specialized staffing services for accounting and finance professionals. The company's CEO, Harold M. "Max" Messmer, has led Robert Half's expansion from $7 million in annual revenues in 1986 to $4.11 billion in 2012.

Back in 1986, the idea of the professional-level temporary was still untested, as the industry was primarily made up of generalist staffing firms placing clerical and light industrial workers. Believing that companies would be open to temporary workers at higher skill levels, Robert Half launched a series of new professional staffing divisions, each of which have grown into highly successful businesses. In later years, other companies saw the value in this approach, and professional-level staffing is now the fastest-growing segment of the staffing industry.

In 2008, Robert Half celebrated its 60th anniversary in business. In those six decades, the company has built a stellar reputation for high ethical standards, a specialized focus and unparalleled service. As one of the only truly global specialized staffing firms focusing exclusively in professional positions, Robert Half continues to help businesses worldwide find the skills they need, while assisting untold numbers of job seekers in finding meaningful employment. 

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Ropes Associates, Inc.

Ropes Associates, Inc. website

Since 1975, Ropes Associates, Inc. has specialized in providing executive recruitment and organizational consulting services for our clients in the large-scale, luxury residential and destination resort businesses. We excel in building experienced real estate development teams with worldwide industry-leading professionals that can implement the planning, development, and operations of high-end real estate with multiple amenities.

Our clients consistently operate the best luxury resorts and developments throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. 

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Roson de Beas

Roson de Beas website

Rosón de Beas Global Search was founded in December 2001, specialising in Executive Search .  

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Roy C. Hitchman AG

Roy C. Hitchman AG website

Established in 1986, with roots back into 1982, Roy C. Hitchman AG is a retained executive search firm focused on identifying, assessing, recruiting and retaining business leaders with outstanding track records, who will create competitive advantage and sustainable value for our clients. We serve listed Swiss companies and multinationals headquartered in Switzerland, family-run businesses, start-ups and high-growth new ventures, as well as international corporations with affiliates in Switzerland and in other European countries in a broad variety of industries. 

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RSVP Group

RSVP Group website

RSVP GROUP is an international Management Consulting corporation founded in 1968 with the focus on Executive Search and Leadership Services for the Life-Science-Industry with its headquarters in Zurich. The company has additional locations with offices in Frankfurt/Main, Wiesbaden, New York, Princeton, London, Singapore and Shanghai. In 2011 RSVP Group Leadership Services AG were founded as a 100% daughter specialized on the evaluation and development of competencies of managers and management teams.

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Rusher, Loscavio & LoPresto

Rusher, Loscavio & LoPresto website

Since 1977, Rusher Loscavio has been perhaps the most preeminent national mid-sized executive search firm headquartered in San Francisco. Honorary Life Partner Bill Rusher and Managing Partner Mike Loscavio, subsequently joined by Bob LoPresto, Bob Kile and others built a firm with an impeccable national reputation. The nonprofit practice of the firm was transformed in 2004 when Bob Fisher, Director of The San Francisco Foundation (ret'd) brought his national reputation and decades of actual nonprofit CEO experience to the leadership of the nonprofit practice.
Rusher Loscavio Fisher Nonprofit Executive Search embeds its incomparable capacities as recruiters in the context of providing transition management services - any and all for one inclusive executive search fee. There are "recruiters;" there are "executive search consultants;" there are "transition management experts." The last is the highest level of sophistication, embraces the lesser functions, and amplifies the impact of every leadership placement. Every nonprofit leadership position change presents both opportunities and challenges; the role of RLF is to be your confidante, your advisor, your source of support in every possible way to take advantage of the transition to new leadership. We help organizations to be successful by being everywhere you need us to be. 

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Russell Reynolds Associates

Russell Reynolds Associates website

Russell Reynolds Associates is an executive leadership and search firm, serving clients globally for 45 years. We advise our clients on recruiting and retaining outstanding and impactful leaders, and help them mitigate the risks associated with senior level appointments.

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Russell Reynolds Associates, Inc.

Russell Reynolds Associates, Inc. website

Russell Reynolds Associates is a global leader in assessment, recruitment and succession planning for CEOs, boards of directors and key roles within the C-suite. With more than 350 consultants in 44 offices around the globe, our dynamic teams and action-oriented approach help our clients develop goals, define appropriate roles and fill leadership gaps. We work closely with both public and private organizations across all industries and regions to build boards and executive teams that can meet the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital, economic, environmental and political trends reshaping the business landscape. 

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Salveson Stetson Group, Inc.

Salveson Stetson Group, Inc. website

alveson Stetson Group is a retained, multi-specialty executive search firm that helps organizations find senior executives who match their precise needs and culture. 

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Saxton Bampfylde

Saxton Bampfylde website

Saxton Bampfylde was formed in 1986. Since then we have stayed true to our founding principles, namely our dedication to a unique and genuine search process that is different to our competitors, and our commitment to providing the highest quality service when advising on board level roles for our clients.

We work with some of the world’s most intriguing and important organisations - from FTSE 100 companies and blue-chip multinationals, government and academia to foundation trust hospitals, arts institutions and not-for-profit organisations. That makes us one of the world’s leading boutique independent search and assessment firms - with clients who value us as trusted advisers and appreciate our hard-won reputation for effective results consistently delivered.

We’re unashamedly research based. If we see a stone we turn it; if there’s fine print, we’ll scour it. That means the places we look are not always the expected ones. We firmly believe that true talent is transferable, that there is no finite pool we must return to time upon time, complaining all the while that it is running dry. 

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Scandinavian Search & Selection

Scandinavian Search & Selection website

SCANSEL Scandinavian Search & Selection is a consulting firm, specializing in increasing the profitability of our clients´ companies, through finding, evaluating and training key persons. 

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SeBA International, LLC

SeBA International, LLC website

SEBA International is a trusted advisor in Financial Stability and Go To Market leadership. Our clients rely on us to deliver expert knowledge and market recommendations on a global basis every day. We work as a team and utilize our unique skill sets to exceed expectations and complete every search swiftly and comprehensively.

Our international team is distinguished by specialized knowledge and experience within the industries we serve. Our search professionals have earned degrees in business and organizational development and held leadership positions in human resources, financial services and IT. As a team we participate in continued education and training within our craft. Having worked with clients in almost every major continent, we have extensive experience conducting global searches. SEBA’s highly specialized focus on industry and function, combined with global scale, provides our clients with a particularly powerful competitive advantage. 

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Seeliger y Conde

Seeliger y Conde website

Seeliger y Conde is the leading Spanish firm for the search and development of management talent

Seeliger y Conde is a consolidated Group with a clear international vision and strategy and more than 20 years of experience, with 12 offices in 8 countries.

We are part of the Amrop network, the largest global association of executive search companies. 

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Seminarium (Chile)

Seminarium (Chile) website

Seminarium is the pioneer in executive search and selection in Chile. With over 20 years experience and the largest database in the market, we have successfully placed over 1,700 executives and senior executives in a whole range of industries in the country. 

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Shimamoto Partners (Japan)

Shimamoto Partners (Japan) website

We believe the success of an organization depends on its leaders regardless of the type of organization whether or not it is a corporation, an academic institution, or a public entity.

While our late founder Kazumichi Shimamoto was at Daiwa Securities handling numerous cross border M&A deals in 1980s and 90s, he witnessed many of the acquired companies to fail after acquisition due to lack of ability in management. He realized that operational success of international organization cannot be achieved by M&A alone and decided to establish an executive search firm in 1997 to provide supports in recruiting talented individuals with necessary skills and abilities for management positions to realize successful operation of organizations.
Executive Search can be categorized into two areas: Executive (management member) Search and Non-Executive Board Member Search. 

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Siebenlist, Grey & Partner

Siebenlist, Grey & Partner website

The success of every company and organisation is more than ever dependant on the competence of the executives. Qualified, efficient and highly motivated personnel, who identify themselves with the business objectives and the corporate culture, are a very rare commodity. This situation demands innovative recruitment qualities and talents. Those who want to do justice to today’s dynamic ways and expectations on the international market, need vitality in their way of thinking and actions. For Siebenlist, Grey & Partner success is when a position is filled more than adequately. In cooperation with the client the exact job specifications are defined so that the candidate will be a reinforcement to the clients managerial team and will gain a positive career opportunity. This should, for both, be a solution with lasting effects. Due to our sense of responsibility towards our clients and candidates, our advice is always professional and individual. 

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Signium International

Signium International website

Signium International is a global Executive Search Consulting firm. We provide top quality consulting services to national and multinational companies that need to recruit, grow and retain the very best leadership talent in their individual markets.Signium International has offices in principal cities of more than 25 countries and a team of 150 consultants.

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Signium International

Signium International website

Signium International is a global Executive Search Consulting firm. We provide top quality consulting services to national and multinational companies that need to recruit, grow and retain the very best leadership talent in their individual markets.

Signium International has offices in principal cities of more than 25 countries and a team of 150 consultants. 

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Singer Hamilton

Singer Hamilton website

Singer & Hamilton is an Executive Search Firm set in 1989 by Investment Bankers, based on complementary approaches:

Traditional - in line with anglo-saxon headhunting firms, we operate by blending know-how with discretion. This is further enhanced by efficiency of proven methods.

Modern - by providing unrivaled, up-to-date market knowledge and adopting a tailor-made approach. By doing this, we not only understand our clients' operations, business strategies and competitive landscape better but simultaneously improve our ability to serve them. 

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Skott Edwards Consultants

Skott Edwards Consultants website

Established in 1974 in New York City, our mission is to provide retained executive search services whose value is unsurpassed. Skott/Edwards Consultants provides client organizations with retained executive search, executive coaching and management consulting, and related support services including corporate governance, strategic organizational development advice, employee appraisal and related functions which directly assist in executive search.  

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Slayton Search Partners

Slayton Search Partners website

Slayton Search Partners, founded in 1985, was founded on a core set of principles that still resonate in our search engagements today.
We are an executive search firm focused on possibilities, not limitations. Slayton provides the better choice – an alternative to the traditional search approach and the inherent restrictions and limitations that come with it.

By combining the right people, the right structure, the right approach and the right access, we’ve made the search process work harder than ever before to open more doors of opportunity for our clients – creating limit-less® opportunities to make the search process more successful and rewarding, without the roadblocks and closed doors that confront many familiar names in executive search. 

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Smith and Syberg, Inc.

Smith and Syberg, Inc. website

Smith & Syberg is a Columbus, Indiana executive search firm serving companies in Central Indiana and throughout the United States. We assist a variety of clients in manufacturing, distribution, transportation, financial and professional services, non-profit, medical products, and consumer products.  

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Sockwell Partners

Sockwell Partners website

Founded thirty years ago in 1982, Sockwell Partners is a retained executive search firm with a focus on senior level positions. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to emerging companies, family-owned businesses, non-profits and venture-backed/private equity-backed portfolio companies. We specialize in finding C-level executives and their direct reports in the healthcare, financial services, manufacturing/business services, not-for-profit, real estate and technology sectors. 

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Solomon Page Group

Solomon Page Group website

Founded in 1990, Solomon Page Group LLC (SPG) is a specialty niche provider of contingent staffing and project based solutions, executive search, contingency full time placement and outsourcing.

With five functional (technology, accounting and finance, human resources, legal, and administrative and creative services) and four industry (financial services, healthcare, publishing/electronic media and fashion) practices, we are headquartered in New York with regional offices throughout the United States and one in London.

SPG's success reflects an organic growth strategy supported by a highly entrepreneurial culture. Acting as a strategic partner to our clients, we focus on providing flexible, value added staffing solutions building long term relationships based on trust, respect and the consistent delivery of excellent results.  

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Spencer Stuart

Spencer Stuart website

Spencer Stuart is committed to building relationships with exceptional executives who may qualify as candidates for senior-level roles, now or in the future. We continue to invest in the most extensive and sophisticated proprietary knowledge system in our profession, which keeps all our consultants informed about the evolving careers, achievements and aspirations of executives worldwide.

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Spencer Stuart

Spencer Stuart website

Spencer Stuart is one of the world’s leading executive search consulting firms. Founded in 1956 and privately owned, we are the adviser of choice among organizations seeking guidance and counsel on senior leadership needs. We work with clients across a range of industries, from the world’s largest companies to medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurial startups and nonprofit organizations. 

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Staatsen Executive Search

Staatsen Executive Search website

Staatsen Executive Search specializes primarily in filling management, partner and director positions in a variety of sectors and functional areas. We focus specifically on filling positions with a gross annual income starting at approximately € 100,000. Our clients range from start-ups with a strong growth ambition to family businesses, and from portfolio companies of private equity firms to listed multinationals.

Thanks to hands-on experience in specialist and management positions, extensive experience in executive search and up-to-date market knowledge we are able to thoroughly understand our discussion partners and provide sound advice. A wide-spread and relevant network, as well as a strong focus on quality in everything we do, form the basis of our success.

Our approach is personal and principled, our working method quick and transparent. And our starting point is clear: our clients and candidates always come first.

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Staffing Advisors

Staffing Advisors website

Innovative, fast-moving, cost-effective executive search services for associations, nonprofits and growth companies in the Washington, DC area and nationwide. Whether it’s a single search or an ongoing recruiting need, we make hiring simple. We’re the search firm small organizations can afford. There’s no aspect of the recruiting process we have not taken apart, examined and rebuilt to get better results.

We conduct searches in every functional area and nearly every career level — primarily for professional and trade associations; charitable, education, and other nonprofits; and high growth companies. Most of our clients are located in Washington, New York, and Chicago.

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Staite Henningsen Klein

Staite Henningsen Klein  website

SHK is widely recognised for its innovative human capital solutions spanning:

  • Executive search and selection;
  • Executive contracting;
  • Career transition and outplacement services; and
  • Leadership and talent consulting.

SHK employs a team of expert consultants with a solid track record of delivering services to many large Australian companies including six out of the top ten ASX listed companies.  We attribute our success to the quality and longevity of our consultants, our proactive approach to sourcing top talent and our strategic approach to client partnerships.

SHK is quality endorsed to ISO 9001:2008 standards and is a corporate member of the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association Ltd (RCSA).  SHK is bound by the RCSA Code for Professional Practice.


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Stanton Chase International

Stanton Chase International website

Established in 1990, Stanton Chase International is one of the leading global executive search firms. We operate through focused industry practice groups, each led by a global practice team leader. We are everywhere in the world our clients need us to be, so we can offer both global perspective and local insight.

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Stanton Chase International

Stanton Chase International website

Established in 1990, Stanton Chase International is one of the leading global executive search firms. We operate through focused industry practice groups, each led by a global practice team leader. We are everywhere in the world our clients need us to be, so we can offer both global perspective and local insight. 

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Stephen Raby Associates

Stephen Raby Associates website

Based in the heart of the City of London, and district of Moscow with a worldwide pool of candidates, we have been providing an effective, professional and discrete executive search service since 1990. 

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StoneWood Group Inc.

StoneWood Group Inc.  website

StoneWood Group is an executive search firm in Toronto, Canada who specializes in executive search in the technology sector. Established in 1981, we excel in finding talented executive level candidates for the right organizations.

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Strand Associates Consulting

Strand Associates Consulting website

Strand Associates Consulting is a Belgian, independently owned recruitment company offering contracting and permanent positions in the Mid European market.

Our reputation is based upon our ability to deliver outstanding results and exceptional levels of service. Excelling in our job means that we recommend our talents and get recommended by our clients, the talent seekers. Strand Associates Consulting is consistently expanding the “RECOMMENDED BY” network: an exclusive network of business changers and industry shapers!

We specialize in:

  • ICT Recruitment
  • Scientific Recruitment
  • Oil & Gas Recruitment
  • Supply Chain Management Recruitment
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Susan Goldberg Executive Search

Susan Goldberg Executive Search  website

It is up to you as a leader and decision maker to make the right choices for your organization.

Retained search firms exist specifically to provide you with the necessary information and tools for making hiring decisions, so that you can make an educated and thoughtful choice.

Whether you are hiring to bring your business new ideas, a new direction, new talent, or a change in talent, SGES is familiar with the circumstances which drive a business to bring on a new executive.

And we understand that a business requires different talent for each stage in its growth. 

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SVS Executive Search

SVS Executive Search website

Founded in 1996, SVS Group recently ranked as one of the 100 fastest-growing private companies in the Bay Area for the second consecutive year, according to the San Francisco Business Times. A knowledgeable staff is the #1 factor that sets us apart from our competitors. All of our staffing consultants have held "hands-on" jobs in their specialty area, offering keen knowledge of what is needed to sufficiently staff, manage, and complete a project from start to finish.

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Swissconsult website

The origin of SWISSCONSULT dates back into 1981 when Josef Bachmann, after a career as the HR director of one of the largest printing and publishing companies in Switzerland started his business. He decided for himself to concentrate on media only and created the term industry oriented consulting that stands for a consultant concentrating onto one specific market.

The advantage of his concept showed immediate success. Step by step he extended the circle of consultants, who collaborated with him using the same method. In 1987 the brand SWISSCONSULT was born, and the method forged into a learnable recipe. In 1991 the group of SWISSCONSULT consultants assumed their code of ethics.

Today, SWISSCONSULT is an organization that holds very specialized know-how based on the experience of its consultants. This know-how is subject to continuous growth. It guarantees the clients efficient and successful processing of every mandate. By cooperating, the consultants accumulate specific expertise that enables them to resolve very complex assignments.

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Symbiosis Search Limited

Symbiosis Search Limited website

Retained international Executive Search boutique focused on hiring senior level commercial talent for enterprise software and SaaS companies across the European region. Focused mainly on sales, business development, alliances, presales, marketing, consulting services and commercial management hiring for fast-growth business application vendors. Hiring from SVP level through to senior individual contributors. Since 2002, we have been passionate about helping our enterprise software clients grow through proactively identifying, approaching and hiring the very best talent into strategically important roles. We specialise in enabling our clients to make critically important and game-changing hires which gives them significant competitive advantage.

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Taylor Winfield Inc

Taylor Winfield Inc website

Founded in 1987, Taylor Winfield is a woman-owned (WBENC certified) business known for delivering customized results, excellence in execution and long term, performance-driven results. We provide comprehensive and strategic talent management capabilities with a proven ability to find executive talent in every functional area including chief executive officers, presidents, chief operating officers, chief financial officers, and vice presidents of sales, marketing, finance, engineering and operations. And our ability to span the organization from C-suite to manager level allows us to leverage the knowledge of your culture and organizational goals over time. We offer two comprehensive solutions to address our clients’ human resource needs. 

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Thacher Executive Search

Thacher Executive Search website

Thacher Executive Search is a boutique retained executive search firm located in the San Francisco Bay Area. We focus on senior executive level searches for established consumer products and services, technology, and business service companies. 

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The Aldrich Group

The Aldrich Group website

The Aldrich Group, Inc. is a premier provider of Executive Search, Culture Shaping, and Leadership Consulting services. For over twenty five years, we have helped our clients build strong leadership teams through quality service, deep insights, and an unparalleled focus on continual search process improvement. For more information about The Aldrich Group, Inc. please visit 

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The Bauman Group (Healthcare)

The Bauman Group (Healthcare) website

Executive Search consultants for biotechnology & life sciences 

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The Bedford Consulting Group Inc

The Bedford Consulting Group Inc website

Bedford has long-standingrelationships with many of Canada’s best-managed organizations in a variety of industries.
We are aware of the industry dynamics and realities of finding world-class talent and concentrate our search efforts at the C-Suite and Vice President levels. 

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The Buffkin Group

The Buffkin Group website

he Buffkin Group is a retained, specialty boutique search firm comprised of industry leaders. Each partner in the firm has been a leader in their respective fields and each has over a decade of retained search experience. Combined, our partners have over 65 years of search experience and over 100 years of industry experience. Our job as search professionals is to recruit leaders that impact our client companies. We recruit executives in Digital Direct Marketing, Healthcare, Technology, Digital Media, Financial Services, and Non Profit. We serve public, private, venture and private equity backed companies. Our office locations include Nashville, New York, Greenwich and Washington, D.C. with affiliate offices in San Francisco and London. The company is a member of Panorama Search, an international federation of firms. 

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The Caldwell Partners

The Caldwell Partners website

Headquartered in Toronto, Caldwell Partners is the premier executive search firm in North America.
With offices across the US and Canada, and partners in Europe and China, we are big enough, broad enough and deep enough by design to deliver superb results as any firm in the industry, but with more personal service, more freedom to move through the market and more direct accountability to our clients. Simply put, we are big enough to matter, yet small enough to care.
Our reputation–over 40 years in the making–has been built on successful searches for boards, chief and senior executives, and select functional experts. Few can match our experience. None matches our service.

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The Conscientia Group

The Conscientia Group website

Conscientia was created in 2006 to offer CEOs and Boards a CHOICE in how to bring about change.

We enable this to happen through the delivery of relevant and specific peer experience, with the resulting information transformed into actionable solutions.

Clients call Conscientia when they have challenging issues on their minds and need honest and objective answers based on the real experience of their peer group. ??

They talk to us when they need to look beyond the normal channels to solve complex issues and have specific requirements when implementing their strategic vision??

They talk to us when they need people who can understand these issues instantly without a drawn out analysis and who can deliver and implement a rapid and workable solution in a cost effective manner.??

At the beginning of 2008 following requests from our clients, we added a senior team to assist in the implementation of suggested actions. More than ever our clients require speed and discretion – Conscientia provides this whilst delivering significant impact using small teams 

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The Curzon Partnership LLP

The Curzon Partnership LLP website

The Curzon Partnership LLP is an independent
executive search firm serving clients in the key sectors of Energy, Infrastructure and Finance 

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The Dingman Company, Inc.

The Dingman Company, Inc. website

he Dingman Company is a retained executive recruiting firm, helping its clients hire exceptional leaders by providing unique wisdom and service in all aspects of the search and selection process. We deliver the highest ethical professionalism, take our client’s success personally, and provide the quality results they require.

More than 200 organizations, from regional to global Fortune 500 companies, have benefited from The Dingman Company’s focused personal attention and proven matchmaking process. 

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The Executive Edge

The Executive Edge website

At Executive Edge Recruitment, we believe in a partnership approach to professional recruitment. We are passionate about recruitment and in particular what we feel we can achieve, with you, through this collaborative approach.

As one of Ireland’s most established recruitment specialists, Executive Edge has a proven track record in successfully finding the best talent available for our clients. We have ongoing strategic partnerships with numerous blue chip multi-national and indigenous clients. We have an in-depth understanding of the ‘local’ economy and can advise both clients and candidates concerning the availability of opportunities within their sector and skillset. 

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The Executive Source (US)

The Executive Source (US) website

Since our inception in 1990, we have placed hundreds of senior HR executives in vital roles across a broad range of industries and companies, from global Fortune 50 public corporations to smaller, privately-held firms.Unlike other search firms who work in a variety of professional areas, The Executive Source focuses entirely on Human Resources. We communicate with HR professionals all day, every day, allowing us to swiftly identify top talent and evaluate fit. In this way, we provide a profound advantage for our clients and candidates.We are well regarded in the industry because of our deep understanding of the HR function, extensive network and long involvement with best-in-class HR leaders. By combining a passion for our work and professionalism in our approach, we have been able to develop true partnerships with our clients who rely on us for business insight, market intelligence and best practices.Boutique by design, The Executive Source has earned a reputation for providing clients with the same level of sophistication available through the largest search firms, but with a level of intimacy and specialization unique to a company of our size. 

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The Ferneborg Group

The Ferneborg Group website

For the past three decades The Ferneborg Group has been bringing its experience and insight to executive recruiting. We pride ourselves on our results. We not only find the best executive talent available, but we ensure that candidates are a good match to our clients’ business needs and corporate culture, and that they will become ongoing contributors.

In today’s increasingly web-driven recruiting market, TFG brings expertise and experience that is rare among today’s executive recruiters. We earn our clients’ trust through our collaborative process and by becoming a recruiting partner invested in our clients’ success. 

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The Hollins Group

The Hollins Group website

Founded in 1988, The Hollins Group is a global retained executive search and professional services firm. The Hollins Group, Inc. is a Glasford International Partner (America | EMEA | Asia-Pacific). Our experienced consultants offer unique recruiting and assessment solutions to meet our select clients' most critical leadership needs. The Hollins Group's exclusive focus is placing top level executive and management leaders across a variety of disciplines at the world's leading publicly traded and privately held corporations, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. Over the years, we have built a reputation for the longevity and the quality of the relationships we enjoy with our clients. We invite you to explore our site to learn how a partnership with The Hollins Group can add value to your executive hiring process.

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The Holman Group, Inc

The Holman Group, Inc website

Founded in 1981 by Jon Holman, The Holman Group, Inc. is widely recognized as the most experienced and accomplished executive recruiting firm in two areas of specialization within the information technology industries: CEO and venture capital General Partner searches.
Jon has personally completed over 140 Presidential searches in companies ranging from raw start-ups to publicly owned companies with revenues over $1 billion, in industries from communications to infrastructure to semiconductors to new-generation software. He has worked with more than 50 venture capital firms on these and Partner-level searches. 

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The Insight Group

The Insight Group website

As one of Australia’s premier executive search and talent advisory practices, The Insight Group has extensive experience assisting all types of organisations with their strategic recruiting needs. Our skilled Directors have worked together as a cohesive team for nearly 20 years, partnering with a broad range of clients, bringing insight, innovation and commercial focus to every assignment undertaken. 

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The MBS Group

The MBS Group website

The MBS Group is a leading sector-specialist executive search firm operating exclusively across all consumer-facing industries.

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The McAulay Firm

The McAulay Firm website

The McAulay Smith Firm is a retained executive search firm that partners with clients to recruit for mid- and senior-level executive and management positions. Established in 1995, The McAulay Smith Firm has completed hundreds of engagements for more than 225 client companies in 30 states and 9 countries, representing more than 70 industries. Representative industries served include, but are not limited to: service, financial, private equity, energy, industrial, manufacturing, distribution and retail.

Whether working for a smaller organization or a Fortune 500 corporation, our approach is consistent and thoughtful. The McAulay Smith Firm strives for the highest level of professionalism and integrity in our recruiting process, ensuring that each candidate presented to a client must meet exacting standards. Our success is measured by our clients’ satisfaction, and we are proud that the foundation of our success is built on business from repeat clients and referrals.

The McAulay Smith Firm works only under retainer. We do not represent individuals in the job market nor do we accept fees from anyone other than the client company that has retained us to perform an executive search. 

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The Onstott Group, Inc.

The Onstott Group, Inc. website

Founded in 1987, The Onstott Group is a retained executive search firm located in the greater Boston area. Our executive search services focus on board level, chief executive, and other senior executive positions. We pride ourselves in the personal dedication of each principal, a completion rate that far exceeds the industry standards, and strong values and client service. 

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The Perrett Laver Partnership

The Perrett Laver Partnership website

Perrett Laver is a global executive search firm finding exceptional leaders within education, research, healthcare, non-profits and civil society institutions 

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The Prout Group, Inc.

The Prout Group, Inc. website

The Prout Group holds the philosophy that leadership at all functional levels provides a powerful advantage in today’s competitive marketplace. Our mission is to assist our clients in securing the best talent available to meet their organizational goals.

The firm was established to provide experienced, high-quality executive recruiting services, while offering the flexibility and personal attention offered by a smaller firm.

The Prout Group views diversity as a strategic business advantage. Although not exclusively a diversity search firm, we leverage our experience and resources in that space and are committed to presenting a diverse slate of candidates on all search assignments. 

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The Verriez Group Inc.

The Verriez Group Inc. website

At Verriez, we help national and international businesses acquire the exceptional talent they need, and progressing candidates in their executive careers. Founded in 1985 in SouthWestern Ontario by Paul Verriez, our company's success in acquiring top management talent for challenging leadership positions has been built on long-term relationships established over thirty years. Our clients now call on Verriez to source exceptional candidates from all parts of Canada and the USA, to fill positions both in Canada and internationally.  

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Titan Executive Search Partners, LLC

Titan Executive Search Partners, LLC  website

Titan Executive Search Partners is a full service executive search firm specializing in Accounting and Financial Recruiting in Southern California.

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Titan Recruitment Solutions

Titan Recruitment Solutions  website

Recruitment agency offering job placement and executive job searches in sales & marketing, finance & accounting, operations & manufacturing, staffing & administration, and IT. Located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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TKJ Associates

TKJ Associates website

We work exclusively on retainer and with only a few clients at a time.
Each client has our full attention. We take time to listen, to know each client, and to personalize our service, whether finding the ideal senior executive for a large or small company, or coaching a valued business leader for new leadership responsibilities. 

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TRANSEARCH International

TRANSEARCH International website

TRANSEARCH International is one of the leading executive search organisations in the world. Headquartered in Europe, we have representation in The Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Our global presence allows us to service companies around the world - covering all the major industry sectors. 

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TRS Contract Consulting Group

TRS Contract Consulting Group  website

Information Technology recruitment firm with a specialization in contract & permanent placements. IT consulting services placing technical candidates in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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Tyler and Company

Tyler and Company website

For more than 35 years, Tyler & Company has specialized in healthcare executive and physician leadership recruitment. Tyler & Company has placed thousands of healthcare administrators and physician executives for organizations including hospitals, physician group practices and academic medical centers. We're dedicated to finding the right match and guarantee our results. Our firm believes in quality, superior customer service, relationships, results and putting the needs of our clients first. We are a member of the Association of Executive Search Consultants and fully abide by its Code of Ethics.  

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Unico Search

Unico Search website

Unico Search was founded in 1984 as the HR department of Unico Business Service Inc. An unprecedented search consultancy service in Korea, it provided a business incubating service for foreign companies entering the Korean market.
Unico Search became an independent corporation in 1992, and for the past twenty years it has been the leading the field.

The concept 'Unico' is taken from the idea of a 'unique corporation', and represents Unico Search's original and exceptional methods of service in the field of human resources. Our strategy is based on the concept of uniqueness- a 'Unique Fit',
'Unique Solution', and 'Unique Partnership'. 

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Vancouver insurance jobs

Vancouver insurance jobs  website

Recruiting exclusively for the insurance industry with expertise in property, casualty, accident, health and life insurance. Placements both locally and nationally. Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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Vimay Group Management Consulting Firm

Vimay Group Management Consulting Firm  website

Vimay Group Headhunting Services working closely with our clients to provide the best talent in today's competitive marketplace.

The search process is best accomplished as a team effort. Therefore, communication between us is critical to the ultimate success of the search.

During the search process, we will contact you on a regular basis to keep you informed of our progress. Your thoughts, ideas, and feedback concerning the position may evolve as you begin to evaluate and interview candidates. Therefore, it is important that you provide us with any information that may affect the search as soon as possible.

When the target list of companies can be easily defined. If a client is looking for an individual with a specific skill set, or from a competitive organisation then headhunting is our best methodology.

When we search for candidates, we employ the broadest spectrum possible. Vimay Group Headhunting is based upon a networking philosophy which employs a multitude of sources leading us to the best suitable candidates.

We have an International Network of headhunters, who help us, trough our most difficult headhunting processes.

Being a truly international executive headhunting company, we are specialists in cross-border search assignments where cultural understanding, multilingual skills and global network are the keys to success. 

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Voyer International

Voyer International website

We are a leading Executive Search Consultancy. We provide full search, evaluation and hiring services matching the profiles required by today's businesses.

Our staff consists of renowned professionals whose work is marked by commitment, excellence, respect and confidentiality.
Throughout the years we have stood out from our competitors thanks to the effectiveness of our Executive Search System, developed and conducted by a team of professional selectors with proven experience in different business areas.
As members of Penrhyn International, a worldwide association of executive search consulting companies founded in 1979, we are able to respond and provide solutions in all five continents. 

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Wall Street Options

Wall Street Options website

Wall Street Options (WSO) was founded in 2001 and provides retained executive search and consulting services. We recruit front and middle office professionals for asset management, hedge funds, private equity and investment banking clients.

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Ward Howell

Ward Howell website

Ward Howell International aspires to be the most reputable global leadership consulting firm, recognized as preeminent in developing partnerships with our clients that consistently exceed their expectations. Our distinctiveness derives from the quality of our people who share values of entrepreneurship, in depth local expertise, and international collaboration and perspective.

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Watermark Executive Search

Watermark Executive Search  website

Watermark Search International, with its head office in Sydney, is an affiliate member of Transearch International Partners, one of the world's major executive search firms.

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Whitneygroup website

Our success in attracting high caliber individuals is based on long-standing relationships that we have developed and nurtured over the years. As a matter of course, we identify, track and assess the careers of thousands of promising professionals throughout the industry.

With years of practical experience in the sectors they cover, Whitney Partners consultants have developed their reputations and earned their credibility in the marketplace. Our consultants are considered experts in human capital and financial markets, and are quoted frequently in the press. 

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Wilbury Stratton

Wilbury Stratton website

Wilbury Stratton is an Executive Search firm specialising in Corporate Sustainability. We recruit the professionals who are developing strategy and making sense of the sustainability agenda.

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Witt/Kieffer website

Witt/Kieffer’s 45-year history began in Witt Associates, a small, boutique firm that specialized in healthcare executive search. Based in Oak Brook, IL, Witt Associates was the nation’s first executive search firm dedicated to identifying hospital leaders.

Founded in 1969, our mission is to identify outstanding leadership solutions for organizations committed to improving the quality of life. In 1995, the firm diversified its search practice to include education and not-for-profit organizations. In July 1998, Witt/Kieffer acquired Educational Management Network in Nantucket, MA and Nashville, TN, a small, but prestigious search firm specializing in education and community service and cultural organizations.

We are still the only firm among the top ten dedicated to serving healthcare, academic medicine, life sciences, higher education and not-for-profit organizations. 

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WTW Associates

WTW Associates website

WTW Associates, Inc. is a retained executive search and consulting firm based in New York City. Founded in 1987 by Warren T. Wasp, Jr., the Firm is committed to providing executive search and consulting services for senior level executives for a select group of client organizations with whom we strive to develop long-term relationships.

We have successfully concluded engagements in nearly all facets of business including finance, legal, marketing and sales, strategic planning, human resources, digital media, creative, operations and general management (‘C’ level: CEO, COO, CFO etc.). In order to ensure our clients the greatest access to possible candidates, we limit the number of clients in each industry we serve.

Our business philosophy is simple: to be personally involved at every step of each assignment we undertake. The credibility and success of WTW Associates, Inc. has been based on our performance and commitment to our clients, while maintaining the highest standards of business ethics. We pride ourselves in offering more to our clients than the ability to conduct an executive search. We believe that we are leadership consultants as well as executive search consultants, and that in order to do our job effectively, we must understand the organization we represent. This means spending time with key executives to understand their operating styles and help them define their leadership needs for the future as well as the present. It also means understanding what constitutes talent and providing value-added services in identifying the best qualified, most talented individuals to fill roles within their organization.

WTW Associates is also a member of AESC (Association of Executive Search Consultants), which defines the ethics and professional standards for the Consultant in Retained Executive Search. 

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Wyatt & Jaffe

Wyatt & Jaffe website

Wyatt & Jaffe, recognized as one of the 50 Leading Retained Search Firms in North America (Executive Recruiter News), is known for engaging high-impact executive talent that the marketplace perceives as unattainable. Wyatt & Jaffe works with a select list of financial services, high technology and consumer companies worldwide. The firm was founded in 1988 

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Y Scouts

Y Scouts website

Y Scouts is an executive search firm that finds exceptional leaders for nonprofit organizations and social enterprises.

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Zavala Gortari Asociados

Zavala Gortari Asociados website

In 2013, we joined TRANSEARCH, one of the top ten global executive search firms, founded more than 30 years ago. TRANSEARCH has offices in 44 countries, and supports leading companies around the world. In Spain, TRANSEARCH was introduced in 1984 by Julio López Amo, who is the Managing Partner of the Barcelona office.

Everyone on our team shares the same goal: To solve complex problems for our clients, companies with a high demands who strive to attract the best possible executives to carry out projects, face challenges and successfully compete. More important to us than their dimension is their ambition.

We are constantly trying to improve on the work already done. This appetite for excellence requires previous study, deep analysis and a passion for what we do. It also requires respect for people and sensitivity toward their concerns.

We believe that the best way to establish a long-term relationship with companies as well as with executives is openness, honest recommendation, permanent availability, and enthusiasm for what we do. This has led us to concentrate the greater part of our work in specific sectors.

We constantly search for talent. This type of work is only possible through a close relationship with the executives we call to share the projects of our clients; mature relationships continuing over time that allow us to see the nuances that are not in a curriculum but can be conclusive in determining the value they can bring and the type of company and project in which they can reach their maximum capacity.