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LIREA International

68 Rue du Faubourg Saint Honore

75008 Paris


+33 1 5343 2708

LIREA International

  • Number of employees unknown

LIREA, with a strong geographical focus EMEA, operates from Middle to Top Senior Management including some Expert profiles. LIREA provides Flexible, Change Management oriented, Out-of-the-box Global Talents in perfect adequacy with today & tomorrow, economical & organizational world our clients are facing. How? Through a new Business Model (The 2Q) and a Recruiting Approach.

  • Global: by mastering all Sourcing Methods: Executive, Advertising & Proactive Search and International Sourcing. 
  • Innovative: Talents selected not only by competences but also by Business Model characteristics and by HR cultural organization. 
  • Flexible: various contractual formulas to incorporate Talent (Permanent, Temporary or Project basis or indirect forms).

Tweets from LIREA International:

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