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Siebenlist, Grey & Partner

Uerdinger Straße 5

40474 Düsseldorf


+49 (0) 211– 47056-0

Siebenlist, Grey & Partner

The success of every company and organisation is more than ever dependant on the competence of the executives. Qualified, efficient and highly motivated personnel, who identify themselves with the business objectives and the corporate culture, are a very rare commodity. This situation demands innovative recruitment qualities and talents. Those who want to do justice to today’s dynamic ways and expectations on the international market, need vitality in their way of thinking and actions. For Siebenlist, Grey & Partner success is when a position is filled more than adequately. In cooperation with the client the exact job specifications are defined so that the candidate will be a reinforcement to the clients managerial team and will gain a positive career opportunity. This should, for both, be a solution with lasting effects. Due to our sense of responsibility towards our clients and candidates, our advice is always professional and individual. 

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